Ice, ice baby in Iceland

I am so running behind on my posts on Iceland. The trip now seems a lifetime away but maybe it’s a good thing as I’ve managed to gain some perspective.The third day of our journey would either way be really hard to forget, because it started with waking up with the sun finding its way through the few clouds scattered across the sky and a special trip ahead of us.

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IMG_1374 We started the day with a climb to the Vatnajökull, the largest Icelandic glacier and one of the largest in Europe. We drove as close as we could and then headed up the mountain to just the beginning of what seems a world of endless pure ice. The feeling of stepping on it, felt somewhere along the lines of: “A small step for mankind…”, well I might be overreacting but I think that’s the closest I’ll get to the emotion behind those words. The other thing boosting the feel of exploring the unknown was the fact we were there all alone, since it was just past seven am. What a way to start a morning, right. I wish I could being every day with a hike, with being surrounded with nature and in awe with the world. Instead of agitated the minute I leave the apartment. But perhaps that too would get old. Or, so I keep telling myself.

Back to Iceland though. The day was complete when we took a boat down the Jökulsárlón – glacial lagoon, navigating among the floating blue icebergs. It was as if I suddenly entered a documentary hosted by Sir David Attenborough. I had such a hard time believing I was really there and if it wasn’t for the bittering cold wind it would’ve just been too perfect.

But why am I really writing all this, when I’ve got the photos to show you just what I mean. And here they are. So, enjoy.

vatnajokulljokul IMG_1555 IMG_1511


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