Ontario in 2 weeks

How Much of Ontario Can You See in 2 Weeks?

I am not supposed to be blogging. I should be planning. We have 15 days left till our big trip to Canada and I am still not sure what we will be doing once we get off the plane.

When we do our trips the responsibilities are clearly divided. I am in charge of planning and providing the digested description of the sights while Nikica is in charge of getting us from point A to point B and everywhere in the middle. I love my task as I find planning almost as fun as actual sightseeing. This way the one week trip lasts almost a month because even once we come home I still daydream and am fueled by the experience we had.

Ontario in 2 weeksMy only problem or to be more to the point, my biggest quest in all the trips I’ve taken so far is how to actually see as much as you possibly can. The two of us are different and while I would be content with spending a week in a big city hitting all the museums and galleries, Nikica is more of a wildlife fan meant to roam through nature parks and reserves. In all of our prior trips we wanted to do a lot of both and we ended up just driving around and going “check”. Since we now added two small kids into this equation things have changed.

Still France, Spain, Switzerland that was one thing as it it still close by and easy to get to and so you are allowed to take it slow and enjoy.But Canada (big cheer)! Who knows when will get the chance to see it again, so, I am again trying again to squeeze too much into this trip. I know it already. I’ve been flipping through the Lonely Planet for two weeks now and just can’t get to the deciding part. With all our different needs honestly the day should have way more hours. So, far I at least have kind of a clue about Toronto where will do the CN Tower, the Zoo and Ontario Science center, but could I get a few minutes to browse through the Art Gallery of Ontario or should I immediately scratch that as I don’t see anyone in my bunch going all hooray on me. Besides we want to have enough time to just roam around as I’ve learned that what makes you feel the city is walking its streets and getting lost only to discover something so everyday like, it is completely unique and missing in every guidebook you have. When we did our trip to Oslo we couch surfed at this great couple’s place, who took us around the city and told us facts and trivia about the sights as only those who live there can. And they made us pay attention to not only historical buildings and monuments but to benches in the park, lovely house on the corner of some obscure street or the best deli in town. Speaking of food, how much different types of food can we get to try in Toronto before we are completely stuffed? I am still having troubles fitting my postpartum body into my old jeans and am currently failing at losing some weight before we go, so I can, with feeling just a bit of guilt overindulge myself with all Toronto has to offer.

That is just Toronto. We also want to do Canada’s wonderland, Thousand Islands, Algonquin park, Ottawa and Niagara falls. Is this even possible, can it be done? How much should I discard right now? Am I being overly ambitious or not enough? I really should stop writing now and get to work. Would appreciate your help though. Let me know if you have the answers. I hope by tomorrow I’ll sort some thing through.

4 thoughts on “How Much of Ontario Can You See in 2 Weeks?

  1. ma stignete vi sve to što si napisala.. ništa ne križaj, samo odgodi dnevni odmor do Slovenije i uspit ćete sve!

  2. this post is great timing – we will be visiting my mother in law in ontario (ottawa) next summer with our children. My husband and I want to take a side trip to montreal or quebec city or both if its possible in a weekend (?)Look forward to hearing about your trip. The childrens museum over the river from ottawa is great.

    1. I hope we can help 🙂 Will let you know how it goes. I really hope we get to Ottawa, but since we will be stationed in Kitchener, Quebec city and Montreal might be too far away for us. But I’d love to see them, especially Quebec city.

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