Slides at the Hallein Salt Mine

Walk the Mine: Visiting the Hallein Salt Mine near Salzburg with kids

Ride down the miners’ slides, take a boat ride and cross the border underground, the visit of the Hallein Salt Mine near Salzburg is both a fun filled adventure as well as a great learning experience. Here’s what you need to know to plan your trip.

Hallein Salt Mine
On a train at the Hallein Salt Mine

Visiting Hallein Salt Mine as a Kid

I was lucky enough to have traveled with my parents. Though I don’t remember every single detail, I haven’t forgotten how much fun we had visiting the Salt Mine. Both my brother and I were thrilled and the fragments such as the slide stuck with me.

As a parent I wanted to share that memory and create new ones with my kids as well. But we had to wait until kids turned four, kids younger than four aren’t allowed on the tour.

As we were driving towards Hallein, I was wondering: will they love the way I did, will I find it as cool or have I embellished it all…

Hallein Salt Mine
Train at the Hallein Salt Mine

The Tour of the Hallein Salt Mine

We arrived a few minutes before the start of our tour. I suggest you book ahead online as it can get crowded especially on weekends and during the Summer.

When the tour starts you are first given clothes to put over your clothes. You are also not allowed to take a backpack with you in the mine. For your peace of mind, leave it in the car. All we brought into the mine was our phones.

After the wardrobe change, we got on a train that took us deep into the confines of the mine. From there our great guide lead us through the tunnels, explaining things as we went along.

Did you know: Hallein salt mine is the first in history to open its tunnels to the public. Ancient Celts mined here over 2500 years. The salt mine operated for 800 years and in that time produced around 12 million tons of “white gold” – salt. They tell you all about the hows once you are in the tunnels.

Slides at the Hallein Salt Mine
Slide at the Hallein Salt Mine

The Best Part of the Tour

For both us and the kids the best part were the slides. When we got to the longer one, the guide gave us a chance to ride down twice. Even though that meant climbing lots of stairs, we were all up for it.

We also enjoyed the glide over the man-made lake inside the mine. It was quite surreal, almost mystical.

And the coolest thing in my opinion was crossing the border underground, going from Germany to Austria and then back. It’s an experience not many have had the opportunity to try.

Underground Border at the Hallein Salt Mine


Family ticket for two adults and two kids will cost you 59 euros. But this also includes the entry to the reconstructed Celtic village, Salina located next to the salt mine.   

Celtic village, Salina

For other prices check the official website. You’ll also notice there are more salt mines to chose from, such as Hallstatt Salt Mine or Altausee Salt Mine.

How to get here?

The best way is by car. Hallein is located near Salzburg in Austria. Type the following into your navigational system:

Salzwelten Bad Dürrnberg
Ramsaustraße 3
5422 Bad Dürrnberg | Austria

There’s free parking available in front of the mine.

Kids say?

“You were right Mum, this was aaaaamazing!’

You know what? I agree, it’s just as great as I remembered it. Now, I hope my kids will continue this tradition and one day take their kids to this mine too. It sounds so impossible now, but I think my parents must have thought the same 🙂

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