Good parents deserve Heaven. A review of the Chalets Nebesa.

Appropriately called Nebesa, meaning Heaven in Slovene, these four chalets are a dream getaway. Last weekend the two of us managed to escape the routine, entrust the kids into my parents’ very capable hands and have a stay there, to remember.


They are located around 150 kilometers away from Ljubljana, in what I would call the most stunning part of Slovenia, Posočje Region, just a few minutes of uphill drive away from the town of Kobarid. Perched on a hill these four austere yet amazing chalets overlook the whole valley. Speaking from first hand experience, it truly renders you speechless: mountain peaks, emerald green river Soca, small towns in the distance, you can just sit back and enjoy. Without an ounce of guilt you can stay crawled up in this retreat and unwind. Of course it also makes a terrific home base for further exploring the region. There are all sorts of summits inviting a climb, a river that offers many adventures, natural wonders and historic remains. Still, we had the hardest time finding the strength to leave.

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You are privy to the most stunning views, especially as the chalets have glass fronts, so they make you feel as if you are right there, able to touch the trees, the grass, capture the clouds caressing the mountains in the distance. And the good news all of the chalets are the same – simple comfort,  in the Earth colors, as to almost blend in with the surroundings.


The owners thought this through and built the houses incorporating the typical architectural style of the local mountain region, keeping things minimalistic because the nature and the sights itself, well, they could almost be considered pure kitsch. Hence also the name Heaven, not because they are so over pretentious but because Nebesa is an old name for the plain under the Kuk mountain, describing a place where you can look around just as if you were in heaven, see the coast of the Adriatic sea, plains of the Friuli region in Italy, Soca Vally and magnificent peaks…


Speaking of the owners, they are veterans at this, as they have been running the retreat for over a decade. Being always discretely there when you need them, appearing almost out of nowhere, otherwise they don’t disturb your peace. And it’s serene here, no cars, no nearby houses, no roads, and yes, no kids. It might sound weird at the beginning, I know it did when I first heard it, but after about a second I got it. Honestly, I loved it once we were there. For me it meant a true getaway, no kids to run around and make me feel guilty for not brining my own, turning around every time I hear someone call Mom, etc. It’s a true opportunity for a bit of »me« and »us« time, recharging our batteries, discovering one another.

Time stands still. It was an amazing revelation, being able to just be, without doing something for someone. To sleep in the afternoon, to wake up and stand on the terrace in my PJ’s and just stare out for a few precious minutes. Ladies and of course gents, this is a chance to indulge yourself with everything they’ve got to offer.


The food is great – like cheese and prosciutto to nibble on, while sipping amazing wine you can pick in their cellar. It’s all included in the price. And it’s very very delicious. In th morning you don’t need to venture out because they fill your fridge with delicious food, but you could go into the shared kitchen and common room, because that’s where they keep delicious home made jams and a  tea made from the local herbs. What a way to start the day.


In the main house, where also the owners live, you can also find another great treat – exercise room and saunas. A chance to relax, learn to breath again and forget you even own a mobile phone. Three all together, Finish and Infrared, all with again stunning views.


So, yes I think my title is very appropriate. Every now and then, we parents deserve a little treat, a pat on the back, we are doing a fine job and to be able to keep doing it, we need a respite. This little haven is just about perfect, with no unnecessary distractions, with a whole lot of coziness, friendly and helpful owners who will always point you in the right direction, whether it is about where to eat, what to see and what to do. And with such amazing views you will truly believe you have found your own piece of Heaven.


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