As Good As it Gets: Camping Sobec with Kids

I have never camped at Camping Sobec, since it’s minutes away from where I grew up and it would be awkward to explain to Mum. But just visiting it was enough to ruin me for all other camps. Šobec has it all: from the terrific location, lots of space beneath the tall spruce trees, hiking trails, playgrounds, it’s own pond and a river sneaking around. But don’t take my word for it.

Camping Sobec

Let’s talk more about Camping Sobec and why it’s perfect with kids or without:

The Location

Talk about the perfect location in Slovenia: walking distance from the stunning Bled. Yet secluded enough to offer you peace and quiet when the crowds that descend upon Bled get too much to bear.

It’s surrounded with mountains. So, every time you are stuck for ideas, all you have to do is look up and you’ll get an option. Though, if you aren’t a hiker, start small.

And here a few tips on making hiking fun for kids.

The camping place dotted with tall spruce trees lies next to the wild river Sava, making it truly picture perfect.


There are 400 pitches that stretch across 15 hectares of camp ground.

My favorite would be right next to river Sava, so I could hear it roar as it passes me by.

But if you aren’t in the mood to set up the tent and RV isn’t really your thing, they also rent lovely fairy-tale like bungalows. This might be the compromise you were looking for. The perks of camping without any of its disadvantages like crawling inside your sleeping bag in the middle of the night, or even better crawling out of it in desperate need of the loo.

As you can probably tell, I am big on camping – let me share 5 things that only happen when you go camping to drive the point home.

For Kids

If you are planning on camping without the kiddos, please skip this point. But for the rest of us, who drag our kids around, do continue. I wish my parents took us camping to Sobec. It would be kind of weird, since it’s walking distance from home, but it’s such an awesome place I wouldn’t mind.

I am still looking for an adequate reason to camp here, I just can’t justify it to myself yet, let alone my parents.

Enough with the whining.

I’ve seen this place as a kid and now as a parent through the eyes of my kids. It’s perfect. It has a huge playground, many smaller playing equipments through out grounds, it has a pond – where you can swim and in the Winter ice skate. I know nobody camps here in the Winter – it’s closed until the beginning of April, but it was one of my favorite things to do as a kid.

Then there’s the river and a pebbled beach. And that means unlimited amounts of fun – throwing the pebbled into the river, preferably from the bridge.

And I am sure the camp has some activities planned for the kids.

What to do?

Now, you must wonder what can you do sans children at camping Sobec?

Swim in the pond. You might be tempted by the river, it’s sure looks beautiful. But too cold, even on the hot Summer day. It’s however perfect for white water rafting and kayaking. Check at the reception, I am sure they have a list of companies who organize trips on the river Sava.

Even I found a new zest for life in a kayak on Sava.

When you get enough of swimming, you can go hiking – check at the reception for the best options, walk over to Bled, ride a bike or just take a good book and read.


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