Glamping Bled Perfect Romantic Getaway

Stay in the most romantic place in Slovenia. That honor definitely belongs to Bled. 

Growing up right next to it, always made it hard for me to appreciate its beauty. I went from thinking what so special about it, to this is definitely the place dreams are made of.  Just imagine it; mountain peaks surrounding an Alpine lake with an island right smack in the middle of it. To top it all the islands has a church with a bell tower. The legend has it that by ringing the bell and making a wish, it will come true. And no that is not it, the picture is complete with a castle perched high on the rock overlooking the lake. Now I’ve got a million photos of Bled and let me assure you that even if your skills as a photographer are next to nonexistent you will make a perfect one – because if you capture this all, it has to rock.

IMG_1000Trust me on this, it is a pretty lovely place and located ideally for exploring the wider region which is without a doubt (but I am not being objective) the best in Slovenia. Thus you can choose from the many different accommodation possibilities – hotels, B&B’s, hostels, as well as a great camp right next to the lake – perfect for the hot Summer months.

Since we only had one romantic night – with two small kids, one night seems like weeks for us, and for those babysitting probably as well – still we had to choose wisely. We wanted privacy, romantic setting and no diversions. Complete rest and a chance to reconnect. The mentioned camp has just that. Beautiful wooden huts hidden away from all the commotion, strewn along a lovely meadow and surrounded by trees, were our perfect romantic getaway.  They call them Glamping Gozdne vile – Glamping Forrest villas, but they reminded me of another meaning the word vila in Slovenian has – fairy. Because my first thought upon arrival was, I have ventured into a magical land with little huts that have just enough room for a double bed and best possible views, stony pathways linking them and wooden hot tubs, waiting for that perfect soak.  

IMG_20140106_061537After a walk down the lake, we just enjoyed each other’s company.  They brought as a lovely dinner in the wooden picnic basket and after getting to try all the delicious food and having a glass of bubbly to celebrate just being able to be together, we jumped into the outdoor wooden hot tub. It is a really special feeling to be out sitting in the hot water and gazing up the dark sky and woods around us. 

IMG_20140106_061630The whole stay made me relax and that is hard for me. To be able to do it, like in an instant, as we only had one night alone, means finding a truly special place that lets you unwind. So, I managed to work on my other resolutions as well, (oh how I love to multi task), like not obsessing over kids – the whole experience made me forget I even had them. And taking it easy – sleeping here in this serene setting and waking up to linger on in the bed, listening to the music, watching the rain fall and realizing I didn’t need to do anything – was by far the best thing ever. I kept telling myself stop analyzing, stop thinking, just enjoy. And we did. A night away together was just what we needed and a night here was a whole lot more than we expected – absolutely magical.


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