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Extra Carry-On: How to Fly While Pregnant?

If you are expecting your first then you can’t imagine how it so to fly with kids. People averting their gaze as you walk down the aisle, hoping you don’t sit next to them, almost missing your flight because you can’t figure out how to fold the stroller, having more diapers and pacifiers in your hand luggage than books or make up. So, if you are healthy make the most of it and fly while pregnant. Use the time for a great adventure or just a well deserved rest from nesting. But keep in mind the following:


Best time to fly is during the second trimester

If you are healthy then you are good to fly almost through entire pregnancy but be sure to consult your doctor for the go ahead. You will need a signed letter from the doctor about your due date and a statement that you are OK to fly.

Bring a copy of your medical records and the letter with you on the plane. You should take it on every trip actually.

Experts say that week 14 to 27 are the best to fly while pregnant. Babymoon, anyone? After two pregnancies I agree. You are past the morning sickness but you still don’t need to use the toilet as often as you need your next breath. Trust me you wouldn’t be able to hold for the seat belt sign to be off past the 36 weeks.

Maybe that is why airlines don’t let you fly then. And if you think you don’t have enough legroom in economy, how about trying to give birth there. Or rather do everything so you don’t.

Don’t forget the flight back

No one asks you have far along you are when you are buying tickets on-line. But they might at the check-in counter, if your bump is showing. They might just not let you board the plane. And think both ways, it would really suck if you’d have to find an alternative way of getting home from the Maldives.

Be sure to check airline policies, because they vary from one company to another.

Though how anyone can say no to a pregnant lady, is beyond me. Don’t they know we throw mother of all rages when we don’t get burgers at midnight. But ladies keep in mind, these guys aren’t your husband you can guilt trip into doing what you want, since your current condition is not their fault.

Views are overrated 

Call dibs on the aisle seat as it lets you access the toilets faster and gives you more leg room. You’ll need it, because when you are pregnant safe bet is you aren’t that comfortable as it is.

It will also be easier to take a few strolls, as that will help with your feet swelling.

Be comfortable

Forget fashion statements make sure you are comfortable to fly while pregnant. So comfy shoes and clothes. If you can, take off your shoes – but be careful you can still put them back on. If it’s a possibility – depends strongly on where you are going though and when – flip flops are your best bet.

Some ladies also praise decompression socks.

I’d also think about choosing a shorter flight – less siting, though it then does limit your travel options.

Bring your own food

Doesn’t matter which airline company you choose – better safe than sorry. Have enough food along and make sure you drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated – which I know means even more bathroom breaks.

Read and enjoy

You can still take along whatever you fancy – if that is a book, iPad, magazines… Most of all enjoy it, hey you are going on a trip. Lucky you.

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