Hide and Seek on the Flam Railway with kids

Described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, Flam Railway with kids feels like a stunning game of hide and seek as it runs through 20 tunnels that open up to incredible views of Western Norway’s scenery. Here are some tips to get the most out of your journey.

Flam Railway

All about Flam Railway

The Flåm Railway is a 20-kilometre line connecting Myrdal and Flam throughout the year. Construction of one of the world’ steepest railway track on the normal track began in 1924, and it was opened in 1940.

In the past it’s role was to connect the fjord with the outside world, Myrdal is a station on the Bergen to Oslo line.

Today it’s the third-most visited tourist attraction in Norway.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • The line has a height of 866 metres, making an average gradient of 1 in 18.
  • The train runs through 20 tunnels.
  • It took 20 years to build.

Why should you go?

The railway showcases the best of engineering skills for sure. But take this train ride to experience some of the most magnificent scenery Norway has to offer.

The two of us had visited the Flam railway 12 years ago on our trip to Norway, and it stuck in our mind. We were amazed. Of course, we wanted to repeat it and share this experience with our kids.

And you know how you remember some things as better than they were? Well, here, that was not the case. It was just as great the second time around.

When to go?

The line operates all year long. There are more lines in the Summer, but for the exact schedule, it’s best to check out the official website of Visit Flam.

Since hubby wanted the best light and Flam was about 2 hours ride from where we were staying, we chose the last ride that afternoon. We departed Flam at 16.55 and then headed back from Myrdal at 18.00.

The whole trip took two hours. There’s a short stop at the waterfall Kjosfossen and a stop in Myrdal.

Flam Railway with kids?

The stop at the waterfall Kjosfossen was our kids favourite part, because it’s very mystical, especially since suddenly out of nowhere ethereal music starts and a Huldra appears and dances in the distance.

Huldra is a seductive forest creature in Scandinavian folklore.

Can you spot that red dot on the photo? That’s a glimpse of the Huldra.

How much does Flam railway cost?

Best to check the price online, because it depends on the time of travel and wheater it is a return or a single way ticket. A return ticket for the family of four in August costs: 1888 NOK or around 170 euros.

Where to park?

There is a big free parking lot right in front of the train station. No need to worry about parking.

Flam Railway with kids

Where to sit on the train?

Once the train moved, we were frustrated because we didn’t know where to look. On both sides, there were incredible views of the river, isolated mountain farms, steep gorges, wild waterfalls …

Because there wasn’t a crowd, we were able to jump from left to right. But my tip for you would be to sit on the left side going up and then sit on the right going down.

What else is there to do in Flam?

We didn’t have time to do anything else in Flam. But if you do, you can also try:

  • the cruise through the Nærøyfjord, which is featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
  • Visiting Stegastein viewing platform, 650 metres above Aurlandsfjord.
  • Hike or bike around the Flam Valley.

We were sorry we couldn’t combine the train ride with a bit of exploring the region on foot, but once again I’ve learned that you can’t do it all. We’ll have to come again. And guess what it won’t be a hardship.

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