Sail Away! Boarding a ferry to Bergen

Jump aboard the ferry to Bergen. A memorable ferry ride from the flat tip of Denmark to the fjords of Norway, sailing along thousands of islands, lone wooden cottages and passing under imposing bridges.

Ferry to Bergen

We could’ve driven to Bergen. We briefly considered it but quickly discarded the idea. It’s too long of a drive, considering we only had two weeks of vacation.

The alternative was taking the ferry. You have more options to get to Norway by ferry, depending on where you are headed. Since we wanted to sail from mainland Europe straight to Bergen, our only choice was Fjord Line.

Fjord Line offers daily crossings from Hirtshals in Denmark to Bergen, Norway, with a stop along the way in Stavanger. The journey takes 16 and a half hours.

We headed off at eight in the evening, and docked in Bergen at around noon the following day, having witnessed incredible scenery of the rugged Norwegian coast along the way.

So, what was only supposed to be a means of getting to Bergen, where we had rented a cottage, proved to be one of the best parts of the trip.

How much does ferry to Bergen cost?

The price depends entirely on the date and time of both booking and traveling. For the exact price, it’s best if you check out their homepage.

How long does the journey take?

It took us 16.30 hours to get from Hirtshals to Bergen. The ferry makes a stop at Stavanger.

The ferry offers everything you’d need to enjoy your trip, and for the hours to pass by quickly.

We spent most of the daylight on the deck, marveling at the coast. The ferry maneuvers around many small inlets, and the coast seems close enough to touch.

How the crew does it, I am not sure, but this sailing felt almost like a cruise you pay lots of money to enjoy and not just as a means of getting from point A to point B.

There are different restaurants on board, a well-stacked Duty-Free Shop and an indoor playroom – that was closed due to the current situation. But kids had a fun playground on the deck, which was even better than being cooped up inside since the weather was nice.

The amenities on board?

Pack for the ferry

This was not our first journey on the ferry. Years ago, we sailed from Amsterdam to Newcastle upon Tyne.

Prior experience taught me how to pack in order not to carry half of our car into our cabin. I managed to pack everything in one carry-on suitcase, woop woop for me. I double-checked it on departure to avoid forgetting anything since the car deck is locked for the duration of the journey.

What wento into that suitcase? It’s not a secret. Pack everything you might need: a change of clothes, PJ’s, toiletries, games, books, earphones, medication – if you take any, don’t forget a windproof jacket or something to keep you warm when on deck, sturdy shoes are also nice, but you’ll be alright in flip flops too.

You can buy food and drinks aboard the ferry.

When do they check your passports?

I am not sure you are wondering this, but I was since we traveled during ever-changing travel restrictions due to the coronavirus.

At the time of our travels, Slovenia was allowed to enter Norway without us having to go into quarantine. The best way to make sure you are good to enter is by regularly checking their official website.

But if you are wondering when they check your passports, it’s upon arrival to Bergen.

Don’t forget!

One last tip. The boarding closes an hour before the ferry leaves the dock. So, it’s essential to be on time.

We missed the ferry once, years ago. As a result, we are now always super early, which drives my husband insane, but at least we get aboard.

Have fun.

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