Choose Your Family’s Favorite Slovenian Region

There are twelve distinctive Slovenian regions, one better than the other. You have a fairy tale like Bled in Gorenjska region, Tuscany resembling Goriska and swimming in Primorska… With the help of Coolkidz you can chose your family’s favorite Slovenian region.

lake Bohinj

Gorenjska region
Lake Bled with its perfect island in the middle might be the most famous part of this region, but don’t make a mistake thinking it’s the only one. Gorenjska has so much more up its sleeve: wild lake Bohinj, medieval town of Skofja Loka, quaint Radovljica and lush Jezersko.

Coolkidz say: If parents take you to Bled, convince them to visit the Land of Fairy tales. Then hit the road and go to lake Bohinj – it’s got better beaches, less people and the water is really great for swimming. Might be on the cold side for Mom and Dad, but when did we have a problem with that.

Goriska region

Your first association when you see the rolling hills of Goriska brda will be – “when did we cross the border to Italy and got to Tuscany?” They have the best cherries and are famous for their great wine. You’ll see the vineyards sprawled all over the hills completing the look of pure perfection. Then this region also has the prettiest river – river Soca that snakes her way from the mountains all the way down to the Adriatic. Every time we visit I think of staying. Indefinitely.

Dig into Idrijski zlikrofi (filled dumplings) on your visit.

Coolkidz tip: If you aren’t afraid (I dare you) try all the adrenaline sports on the river Soca. Also we really enjoyed the visit to the former partisan hospital Franja and Mom is still promising (and not delivering) the visit to the Idrija mine. 

Coast and Karst region

Don’t think this means just the sea and swimming. Because the beach is just the cherry on top. Use the day to explore the natural wonders of Karst, such as the mysterious Škocijan cave. Then get lost on the narrow streets of the sea side town of Piran. With its many squares, cobbled allies and a church on a hill it will again make you think you’ve ventured into Italy.

Coolkidz tip: The best thing to do is go horse back riding in Lipica and learn all about Lipizzaner horses. Check what the fuss is all about. Can you figure out if they are really from Slovenia and does it really matter – when they are such beauties.

Rakov Skocjan

Central Slovenia

Think capital – Ljubljana. And here’s what you can do in Ljubljana with kids.

Coolkidz tip: Beside spending time in the capital, make a few day trips around and try Iški gorge – great place to cool down in the summer, Pekel gorge or Rakitna – we love it in winter when the small lake up there gets frozen and we can ice skate.

The Podravska region
Maribor the second largest Slovenian city is located in this region. It’s beauty is enhanced by the lovely river Drava and the banks of the river will definitely be your favorite place in the city. Take time to indulge on Lent, the oldest part of the city and take a look at the the oldest vine in the world.Actually follow river Drava meandering through this region to get to other famous sights:

Coolkidz tip: Visit the town of Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town during the carnival in February. Don’t get scared of Kurents.

Notranjska-Karst region
Most notably this region is home to Postojna cave. Take a train to explore it and don’t forget about the chance to see olm or proteus – an aquatic salamander, called human fish by locals, because of its skin color. They just had babies – The first Slovenian “dragon” hatches.

Coolkidz tip: Take a dip in the most unique lake – Cerknica, if you can find it :). It is Slovenia’s largest disappearing lake.


South-east Slovenia

Wine, wine, wine. I know there’s more to the region that charms visitors with vineyards draped over the hills adorned with churches, abundance of castles (such as the lovely Otočec), monasteries (Pleterje) and a wild forest reserve in Kočevski Rog. Still all I can think of of is wine and lest I forget spas (Dolenjske in Šmarješke toplice). Wine at a spa – now that would truly be something.

Coolkidz tip: Three words: Open Air Museum. You’ll learn all about a traditional 19th century farm from that region. But more importantly you get to see all the farm animals.


Both local as well as foreign tourists too often and undeservedly forget about this enchanting region. This can have a positive effect and means no crowds to obscure the natural wonders. You can freely roam the  three valleys that form the region: Meža, Drava, Mislinja or hike in the mountains of Pohorje, Karavanke and the Savinja Alps.

Coolkidzc tip: If Mom ever takes us here, the first thing we want to visit is Peca Mine Museum – because you go down under the ground with a train.

The Savinjska region

One of the most beautiful glacial valleys, Logar Valley reigns in this part of the world and makes all the other interesting sights in the neighborhood fade in comparison.

Coolkidz tip: Fairy tale Woods in Logarska valley and then head out to Celje, which is a really fun town and it has a castle.



Flat fields, thermal springs, storks, it’s a different world, one that seems to move at a slower pace.

Coolkidz tip: No doubt about it – it’s pool time.

The Spodnjeposavska region

Stop at one of the oldest towns in Slovenia, Kostanjevica na Krki, built in the 13th century and often refered to as Slovenian Venice as it is surrounded with the river Krka.

Coolkidz tip: Thermal spa Terme Čatež on the border with Croatia will make you stay in Slovenia indefinitely – if it was up to you. 

Zasavska region

It’s the smallest region, with the center at the Trbovlje, town known for mining. The region offers many lovely hikes around the hills but truthfully we have yet to visit to give you further tips.

Coolkidz tip: We are all up for hiking, right. (Tips for hiking with kids).

There you have it. Let me know in the comments what your favorite region is and what makes it so special.

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