Farm holidays in Germany

Staying at a farm gives your holiday a whole different meaning. Picking a farm holiday in Germany is choosing an experience not just a place to sleep. We were so thrilled with ours that we have nothing but words of praise and a strong recommendation for the families out there.

gerThere are a lot of farms in Germany offering this possibility and I strongly recommend it. From apartments to rooms you will find what you need. But the owners usually don’t stop there, because otherwise you could just as well stay at a hotel or a B&B. They go overboard with possibilities.

You can choose what kind of farm you specifically want; do you want them to be kids oriented, or you want to ride a horse, fish, help out in the orchards, have a spa on hand… No matter what you decide on, you won’t be wrong. Because on top of it all, it is relaxing, quiet and perfect for enjoying some carefree time.


Our farm had ponies, two huge playrooms (not just for kids but for everyone), a barn with animals and a huge outdoor playground on a beautiful meadow, with so many toys my girls probably thought they were in Heaven. We had a lovely apartment with two bedrooms, though especially Stela spent every moment of her time there exploring the farm and hanging out with the owner. And I don’t know how they got along as she doesn’t speak German and that is the only language he speaks. Still she helped him with feeding the animals and he let her ride the pony and the huge working horse I’d be afraid to sit on top of.

So, how do you find these amazing places? Here a few websites that I used to find ours, though be warned that some of them are in German only. In our case even the owners spoke only German. I did learn it a long time ago and when asked how good I speak it, well I’d survive there, that’s for sure, but anything more complicated and I’d be using my hands. Besides this region speaks with a heavy accent, so I explained to the owner, that my German isn’t that good anymore, and he was a funny old man answering: “It’s better than mine.”

Check these websites:,,,

And here are some great photos of our farm, just to get you going…

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