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Place Kids Don’t Want to Leave: Family Hotel Amarin

‘I wish I could live here,’ my daughter said half an hour after our arrival to the Family Hotel Amarin. I nod. This place has it all to keep the whole family happy no matter the weather. From swimming pools, beaches, to delicious food and playrooms, saunas and a park. I understand my daughter. I wish I could live here, too.

family hotel amarin

Kids’ World at Family Hotel Amarin

The Family hotel Amarin is abuzz on Friday evening when we arrive. Despite the Summer season slowly coming to an end, the city of Rovinj is still busy with visitors. Many of them parents with preschoolers, who now, when the majority has left, have the lovely beaches and cobbled streets of the town to themselves.

And since 2016 they and all the other families have a perfect place to stay at – family hotel Amarin, while they explore the magnificent surroundings or just use the days off to relax.

For starters there is a playground for kids as soon as you enter the spacious bright lobby of the hotel.

At other hotels, our kids get bored while the two of us deal with the passports and checking in. Here, they could start playing immediately.

Most of the hotels try to be family friendly and add certain things to appease the kids. In Amarin kids are center stage and they add cool things to please the parents. But we were already happy, because our girls were.

It was me who had to interrupt their play on our arrival to ask them to join me for a second. Instead of keys, we all received bracelets that open the door to our room and are used to register for meals, etc. Super easy.

Every part of the hotel is at kids disposal

The hotel which runs smoothly feels like one big playground. Even the shape reminded us of a fidget spinner so popular with the kids.

We could reach our room by the elevator or by the stairs. But the most popular option was using a ramp that circles around the inside of the hotel. This allows parents with strollers to easily access any part of the hotel.

The best part is that kids are allowed to use it to ride their scooters there as well.

We thought we’d check into our bright rooms, with glass to floor windows that open up to a balcony with killer views of more hotel grounds and the sea in the distance and go explore.

But even the room was a toy in itself. It offers a wall that can be used for kids to play with and create.

Then there were pulled out beds and fluffy bathrobes – white for us and pink for the girls and in their size. When you book accommodation here, you receive a questioner. The hotel staff is eager to find more about your kids. Then they can prepare the room for them in advance. They even have the cosmetic especially for kids.

Traveling with a baby? It seems you only have to bring the baby, they take care of the rest. For free you can order a stroller, bassinet for the baby, baby monitor with a camera, potty, etc.  If you run out of baby food in the middle of the night, they have you covered. On the reception floor, in the baby changing facility they have a microwave and more baby food you can use to prepare a meal for your child.

Kids are encouraged to be curious

After we finished with the room, we had to check out the rest of the hotel.

Using the ramp again we walked to the ground floor. There you can find the restaurant, indoor pools and spa, kids’ gym, with all the cool sports equipment, regular gym, a huge playroom, one part is for kids 0 to 3 years old, the other 4 to 7 and then for older kids.

We had to check in our kids before they could enter the playroom. The animators want to know more about your child and the kids get a special bracelet with all the necessary info. Then they are good to go. The many animators make sure kids are safe and have fun. They offer different workshops, lots of toys to play with, books, DIY opportunities.

They even have a science room, where children can observe and try different experiments. In the summer older kids also have a chance to go camping on the grounds of the hotel.

Next to the playroom is room filled with PlayStations and other video games. It is for kids older than 10, but it is very popular with Dads as well. Hubbs was often found there.

I preferred the indoor pool and the sauna area much more.

More fun outside

Outside there are more pools, playgrounds that beckon you to explore. Paved pathways around the hotel are perfect for strollers and all bicycles, scooters, roller blades… If you didn’t bring any, you can easily rent them at the hotel.

The playground toys are strewn across the meadow, on the hills, using a lot of creativity to make them extra fun. They invite the kids to be curious, try out new things, explore. I love how nothing here is straightforward. It encourages kids’ natural creativity.

It is also evident how much thought was put into every single detail and how well it all works with the outside elements – olive trees, lavender, rosemary, pine trees… It’s this mixture of fragrances that I hope will always remind my kids of being carefree and happy.

No cooking

To help us adults further relax, the hotel makes sure we have no worries at all and provides three delicious meals per day. We had a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant on the ground floor. The guests have two other restaurants to choose from as well, if they want even more variety.

We loved the many local dishes, great seafood and lots of kids’ all time favorites.

They also have a station that prepares fresh baby food. The drinks are not included in the meals but are all reasonably priced.

The only downside when it comes to food might be, that you just can’t possibly try all that you’d like.

Busy and quiet

Being a family hotel means that it might be busy during the day, but it quiets down in the evenings. This way you can get a goodnight’s sleep in the comfortable beds. We had to, because with two excited kids, the dawn of the new day called for more exploring.

After another fun packed day, when nobody noticed that it rained, we were surprised that bed time again arrived so quickly. We had so much to do, we never even needed our car. But once the girls jumped into their beds, they were fast asleep, exhausted.

The morning of our departure was no less busy, since we again had to hit the pool and the playroom. So, leaving all that and saying goodbye to the friendly staff was hard. We had to promise the girls we’d be back for more soon.


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