Family activities in Slovenia

Family Activities in Slovenia Perfect for Spring

With a few work free days up ahead, how to best spend them, seems to be on everyone’s mind. If you have kids it might be even harder to come up with the choice all will be happy with. But Slovenia might just have you covered; from little history buffs, fierce animal lovers to future adrenaline junkies, these family activities will help you enjoy your free time to the fullest:

  • Discover the land of fairy tales.

Located in the must see town of Bled, the land of Slovenian folk tales, is a great hands on approach to finding more about this beautiful region. Besides the land of fairies and other magical creatures is so much fun, for both kids as well as the adults as you witness the local legends coming to life. You get to meet the Wild Woman, who will try to trick you, the Pagan Girl will share a glimpse of your future and along the way you will find out how the magnificent lake, the hallmark of Bled was created.

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  • Be bold in the Adventure Park

And after you are done with the land of fairy tales, don’t go home just yet. Right next to it you can find two more fun things to do – summer sledding and the Family Adventure Park full of unique challenges. 81 different attractions and challenges set up in the forest will make for a fun afternoon and it will challenge both kids as well as adults. Do you dare? We do, and since kids as old as four can give some of it a try, we will do our best to conquer the tracks.

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  • Pet farm animals at the Ljubljana zoo.

Ljubljana zoo is one of our favorite destinations, as it has everything you need for a good time, cute animals, animals you can actually pet, if they don’t run and hide when they see tots coming (I definitely would), great many playgrounds, special treats like watching how they feed sea lions or monkeys and a whole lot of other educational activities. Besides you can never be bored in Ljubljana with kids.

Ljubljana zoo
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  • Take a ride on the heritage train.

This has been on our to-do list for a very long time. Hopefully this spring we get to cross it off. I am really excited to board a steam train in Jesenice and take a ride along the picturesque Bohinj railway which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006. There is a choice of a two hours ride all the way Kanal via breathtaking sights and through numerous tunnels, the longest being more than 6 kilometers long. Or you can ditch the prepared itinerary and only book a train ride, that lets you get off the train at any of the designated stops. The first ride starts on 9th of May. More info…

  • Visit a traditional 19th century farm.

In the region of Dolenjska, famous for good food and even better wine (Cvicek) you can have a bit of everything. Be moderate when it comes to the wine tasting but feel free to enjoy all the other sights in abundance.  I am a big fan of open air museums and in Pleterje you can visit one that represents a traditional 19th century farm from that region. These buildings were actually transferred from where they stood originally and then put back together at this new location. They are all made of wood with thatched rooftops and the farm is home to some animals; pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats and also a a pair of ferrets.

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  •  Try white water rafting on the river Soca

Of course this only goes if the kids are old enough (I’ve read somewhere that they are allowed to do it from the age of six), though the town of Bovec and it surroundings have a lot to offer to the children of all ages. My favorites were of course white water rafting on the most beautiful river in the world (my opinion though shared by many) and canyoning. But you can opt for hiking, kayaking, cycling, just sunbathing…  If you however chose rafting my suggestion comes with the warning, make sure you pick a good guide.


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Family activities in Slovenia

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