Does having kids make us insane?

Apparently yes, as if it’s not self evident. I’ve been wondering is it just me and are there more of us. Because it just can’t be normal to be dealing with so much crap – literally and figuratively for parenting to be a blessing. For full disclosure I blame this post entirely on sleep deprivation but it warms my heart to know that there are studies to show I am not the only delusional, terribly insane person on the block. The fact of the whole matter is I know being a Mommy sucks but I love it and yes, my favorite; all the good things in the end outweigh the bad. The best part being I believe it with all my heart.

IMG_0161It must be Nature’s way of taking care of things, because the studies have actually shown that parenthood is not associated with enhanced mental health since there is no type of parent who reports less depression than nonparents. I am not making this up. And if you think I am, you must be as insane as I am. I have colleagues without the kids, I remember, though vaguely what life was like before and if nothing else it was easier, less expensive and not so emotionally draining.

I might just be making too big of a fuss over a thing that is perfectly normal. Having kids, procrastinating is what got us this far, we are supposed to ensure there are generations after us to lead the way. So, if it is all normal, why does it feel so crazy – being up all night with a crying baby, instead of partying at the best club in town, arguing about going to bed, when I’d go willingly, never to wake up, getting them dressed and out of the house, so I am not forever running a marathon to get to places on time and the list basically goes on and on. Well, for sure there are economists and scientist laughing at us hand in hand for being foolish enough to have kids. Not just are we a wreck emotionally, but we are apparently making a grave mistake with our finances. Having kids is not really a sound investment. There is a lot of money going basically down the drain never to be seen again. Yet, probably, even most of them are blessed with one or more of these growing portfolios.

Writing this post really lifted my mood, because truly how insane can I be when there are so many of us, enough for a whole study and not one bright example. Oh, the beautiful human nature to find comfort in other people’s suffering or just plain simple foolishness. But hey we have all warned others and have been warned how it would be, yet it didn’t stop us. No, just made us more determined. Goes to show how Nature makes us truly powerless – all the logical reasoning points to not having kids, but the need deeply embedded, encoded into our DNA makes us trumpet it all.

In the end what does having kids make us – insane or smart. I’d go with a bit of both any day.


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