Deutsches Museum Munich

Stela and the computerLet me start this off by writing down a statement. I love Munich. It’s such a nice, cool city. Aside from being full of sights and offering a wide variety of activities, the love has something to do with my childhood. Let me explain. If I remember it correctly, I might not, of course. But Munich was my family’s first big trip. I was around ten and we spent a week or so exploring it. It was just perfect. I mean I loved every trip I took with my folks, what’s there not to like. You get to go to great places and somebody else picks up the check :). Seriously though, back to Munich. We went everywhere, all the museums and all the sights. And you know how in your mind you often picture things better than they really are. Think that the memories you have are grander compared to reality.

In case of Munich, I am happy to report – not so. When hubbs and I were still single we visited the capital of Bavaria twice, saw the beautiful Munich zoo and the downtown area – both as great as I remembered it. Especially the zoo. If you are looking for a place to take your kids and Munich is not far away, do the zoo. They will love it. I know I did, back when I was a kid. It stuck in my mind and since then I compared each and every zoo to this one. Let me tell you, not many can beat it.

But as a kid and now as an adult what impressed me the most was the awesome Deutches Museum – Masterpieces of Science and Technology. In the beginning of November we took the girls for a visit. Tesa was not in awe, but that’s ok, we’ll definitely be coming here again. Stela enjoyed it tremendously and both of us felt like kids when looking at some of the sights – the first floor with all the aviation pieces is every kid’s (and kids at heart) dream. Planes and helicopters and cars and rockets… But every floor holds so many different artifacts you can spend the whole day exploring. While for some parts of the museum, it wouldn’t hurt for kids to be older, as they would get more out of it, the museum has a special place dedicated just to kids – Kid’s Kingdom.the first floor And the fun part is, the adults can visit it only, if accompanied by a child. Stela could have stayed just there after she saw the planes. Yeah, she can’t get enough of the aviation :). But we were itching to explore the other parts as well (like astronomy and computer science). We took a photo of Stela standing next to a computer. One of the first ones, the one that used to take up the whole room. But we tried not to over do it. We are hoping to come again in a few years, just to see, if it’s still so great.

Maybe one day my girls will hold such special memories of places we visited together and take their kids to see it too…

You can check more about the museum at the following website:

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