Terra Kids Camping Light

Coolkidz Picks: Terra Kids Camping Light

Camping with kids is always an adventure and I mean this in the broadest terms possible. None the less we are always eager to give it a try and we are already counting the days till we can finally air our tent again. But as all campers know, when it comes to camping gear you are never truly done. Still I am excited to be adding Haba’s Terra Kids Camping Light on our list. It will definitely facilitate all our adventures come nightfall.

Terra Kids Camping LightWe already have a torch, but I wanted something special to get my kids into the whole being in the “wild” feeling. This light seemed as the perfect choice and since getting it, we use it and play with it at home too.

What is so special about it?

First of all it looks pretty cool. Just seeing it, it makes you want to walk in the woods at night. Well, maybe just a short distance from the tent to the restrooms :). Second it’s sturdy, which is a must in our family, where delicate things have a very short lifespan. This one too already survived a drop, albeit from a small height. But it’s still working. And as number three it doesn’t need batteries, which is a welcome benefit. With the amount of stuff we take on our camping trips, I am not sure we’d have space to fit batteries. But the lantern is powered by a generator.  You just simply move the crank and 5 LED shines, with generator producing the electricity. It also includes carabiner, alarm whistle and a compass. It’s actually a great learning tool for the little ones as well, but I pretty much suck at explaining the use of compass or the mysterious works of a generator. It’s very useful to have around and you can either hang it up in the tent or set it on the table, making it great not just for camping, but actually anywhere you go as it adds up on excitement.

To me it’s something Indiana Jones would buy for his kids.

Our girls already like using it, but I am eager to see it in action in a camp. It will certainly make all the trips to the restroom in the night easier and story times more impressive. This also makes their first piece of camping gear. I also got them the Haba’s Terra Kids Thermos. It is a welcome addition and we actually use it everywhere we go. It’s small, handy and it has a useful carabiner so you can hang it from a backpack and use it easier.

Yes, the list of our camping gear is getting longer, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

For more info on both products and many other great outdoor things, you can check these two sites out: http://www.habausa.com or for Slovenia, www.otroski-svet.si.




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