Mia Tui Bag

Coolkidz Picks: Mia Tui Bag

A woman can never have too many bags. But once she becomes a Mom, she can definitely have too many she can’t possibly use any more. After years of searching and opting for backpacks I have finally found the bag. With two small kids I have to chose comfort over fashion and utility over design. But Mia Tui Bag Amelia proved to be incredibly useful and great looking. At long last I have a bag with enough room for everything we might possibly need.

Mia Tui Bag

I find I generally have two problems with each bag or backpack come to think of it. The first is how to fit it all inside, because trust me we rarely travel light. And if we do, I get blamed for forgetting something. And the second issue, after squeezing it all in, how in the world do I find it again, without having to take everything out first?

The solution is very simple, if you own your piece of Mia Tui Bag. Just by opening it up, it was obvious that it was designed by a Mom of two searching for the perfect bag that would suit her busy lifestyle.

Mia Tui BagWell, I too have now found a bag to keep up with us and our adventures.  And it works perfectly. With multiple pockets, zips, clips and extra bags I didn’t have to dig for anything. It is all neatly packed and most of all it looks good – from the inside and the outside.  I enjoyed being stylish for once.  While it is fairly big, it gives you plenty of space and suits my every need – making it perfect for day trips, air travel, weekend getaways or a gym bag. It is also airline hand-luggage size compliant, so I can’t wait to take it on our next flight, but until then it will keep us company on all our day trips. It is still a bit too big to be carried around to the playground and back. But for traveling there is not much better.

I really like the small clutch that you get with it. I put my wallet inside, so if we are making a short trip, I just take the clutch out and leave the bag inside. I appreciate the drinks holder as well, because it’s the one thing I generally have problems with – bottles. Besides the interior is waterproof. And you get all sorts of different  pockets, compartments, clips. It’s nice that there are so many removable parts  – sea through removable bags, because it gives me flexibility and convenience. I can neatly put all my kids spare clothes inside and keep it separate and handy when needed.  It’s actually pure genius.

It really is up to the job of a busy mum and it has made traveling so much easier. I don’t know if there is any other bag out there that can rival this one in terms of practicality and style.

Check here for more info on the bag: http://miatui.com/.

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