Coolkidz Picks: Lassig Car Seat Organizer

Three adults can supposedly be able to sit in the backseat of our car. How is then, that we have trouble finding room for two kids and their stuff there? Probably because they have too many things and we don’t have any order. Since getting kids, every car ride longer than an hour includes bringing along food, drinks, toys, coloring pencils, wet wipes, books, etc. And half of that stuff gets lost in the confined space, drinks spill and we are still trying to get all the bread crumbs from the seats. Yeah, road trips with toddlers are almost like college kids heading on a spring break with a car.

But I can’t blame it entirely on the kids. It was completely our fault, because the only thing we did take care of is the safety of our kids. Hubbs conducted a full length research on the right seat for both girls and well, I really don’t consider the car as my territory, because I don’t need to clean it. There I’ve said it. It’s all in hubby’s jurisdiction. But I did start to find it annoying always having to turn around to fetch something that fell and trying to find it without risking serious neck injury.

Lassig Car Seat Organizer

That’s when I realized I needed to find a solution. There must be something, someone must have thought of something that could fix this mess we were always having. And apparently someone has. Because I’ve discovered a way for all of us to be happy and have some resemblance of order in our family car.

I have found the perfect solution – Lassig Car Wrap to Go Seat Organizer. It has pockets, it has compartments. It has exactly what we need to secure everything we might need on our trips. It is also fairly easy to clean, because let’s face it, feet were all over it in seconds.



Now, all I have to do is find the perfect road trip destinations for our next adventure.

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