Canada’s adventure

Yes, I am alive. I know I haven’t been writing in some time now, but we have been so busy. I really thought I’d be able to do it all, the travelling along with writing my blog but with Stela and Tesa and all the moving around, it is not working as I planned. So, I’ll just do a short overview here and then once we are safely back home elaborate and write more on each of the sights.

Canada is truly amazing, such a beautiful and vast country. We have in these ten days seen so much and still we have much ahead of us. But today it’s raining and we are having a nice quiet day, to rest up and get some strength back. Tesa is sound asleep while Stela is excited to do some shopping today. As are the both of us. We just came from a bookstore, where I literally thought I have died and gone to heaven. I didn’t even manage to check half of it, so I definitely have to go back.

More about Canada, just to let you know what we have been up to so far. We have survived our 16 hour-long trip and were very grateful to the great Amsterdam airport for having wonderful family friendly facilities and KLM staff for making the 7 hour flight bearable. The first day across the sea was spent just resting and getting to know the neighbourhood as we are staying with Nikica’s relatives in Waterloo. On Sunday we were mostly back to our old selves and we did Niagara falls and the quaint Niagara on the lake. Next day was meant for exploring Ontario’s countryside and enjoying the town called Elora. Tuesday was zoo day as we explored the huge Toronto zoo. It is amazingly vast but very nice if you don’t have a seven kilo baby attached to you for five hours. On Wednesday we packed our bags and did the Thousand Islands. We took a boat cruise from Gananoque and enjoyed both American and Canadian waters. The islands are beautiful and the houses there are like a dream. Mine was to spend a few days in one of them alone with a good book. No such luck folks. Still, I am not complaining as on Thursday we reached the beautiful capital of Canada, Ottawa. It was so hot that day we just did the main sights and then enjoyed the quiet around the canal. Friday was tough again as we drove back to Waterloo for about five hours and we were stuck in traffic around Toronto (which is normal as we’ve been told) for about an hour.

As soon as I unpacked I had to do it all over again as Nikica’s cousin took us to Bruce peninsula for a one night stay in one of the cottages on lake Huron. We enjoyed canoing on the lake and in the evening we hit the hot tub on the shores and watched the stars. Both Nikica and I manged to also take a swim in the lake cold as it was, but hey I just had to give it a go. In the morning we drove to the tip of the peninsula and had breakfast in a quiet village Tobermorey and again enjoyed a cruise – this time around the small islands of lake Huron. And that brings us to yesterday when we finally saw Toronto. And loved it. While CN Tower gave us the idea of its enormity walking around made us really feel it.

This is it from me for now, but I do promise more in-depth info and a lot of photos once we get settled back at home.

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