Botanical Gardens Ljubljana

I am not much of a plant person, so how we found ourselves in the Botanical gardens can only be attributed to the fact that they had a frog exhibition. Not that I am much into frogs either. You’d think living in the city you’d always have plenty of new things to do. But as many others we are creatures of habit, sticking to what we know. Besides while I’d love to check out all the museums and galleries, hubbs is more of an outdoors fan. So, the visit to the botanical garden was a compromise and an opportunity to see something new.

After years of living in Ljubljana, it has never even crossed my mind to go visit it. As I already mentioned, there are just plants, endless amount of different kind, true, but plants non the less. When visiting a city if there was anything I had to leave out of the schedule, it would be the botanical gardens. I mean we are all surrounded with greenery, do I really have to spend more time looking at it?

But on a Sunday morning, after a rainy day, we were ready to give anything a shot, especially because they promised an exhibit of frogs. We parked our car on the banks of river Ljubljanica and walked over to the gardens. It was so peaceful and nice, I forgot that I was prepared not to enjoy it. But looking at all the flowers and walking around, even I got the urge to do some gardening, digging and planting of my own. Not to worry, the feeling passed.

And if you desperately want to go to Asia but don’t have any money or time, you could just spend an afternoon in the tropical greenhouse, admiring the almost rain forest, walking around while breathing hard due to the humidity and high temperatures. You’ll appreciate our crisp air much more. This is also the place to find the frogs. They are in glass windows, so don’t need to be scared one will jump right at you. But beware some of them can be tricky to find and most of them will be asleep.

All in all it was well worth a visit and I am glad it made me feel differently towards botanical gardens. A prejudice I didn’t know I had was successfully squashed. Job well done.

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