Cool Kidz Pick: Best Photos of 2015

From the high solitary mountain tops to beautiful, peaceful beaches, we were very busy this year. As it comes to an end, we share 10 best photos of 2015, according to you. Here are the photos that were liked and commented the most on our Instagram profile @coolkidzcooltrips.

  • Observing high mountain peaks on Mangart pass.

Mangart pass

Cool Kidz tip for 2016: Drive the most beautiful and highest lying road in Slovenia, leading to the Mangart Pass. It takes you precariously close to the edge, offers views that make you take a step back, literally and inspires you with all the untamed nature around you. Continue reading…

  • Wave after wave:


I will never be able to forget the wild and unspoilt beaches of Brittany, which is why I am really happy that this photo made the list. The rugged coast line is also one of the main reasons we chose this region of France as one the best family places to travel in 2016. What other places made the list? You can find the answer here.

  • Lost in a fairytale world.

IMGP0021Combine wild river and high mountains and you get a recipe for a natural wonder. A dream come true for photographers who want to catch the waters just right and for all the visitors who appreciate the power of nature. Vintgar gorge in the vicinity of Bled is perfect for a visit anytime of the year, but might just be the best on a hot Summer’s day. Find other great places to visit around Bled.

    • Feeling so small. 

Krimml waterfall

With their impressive waterfall drop of 380 m the Krimml Waterfalls are the fifth highest waterfalls in the world. If you are up for a walk there is a hiking trail, which makes it possible to get very close to them and it affords really amazing views. But if you stand right in front of it, it will give you a whole new perspective. So magnificent it will help you forget all your worries and problems. You might enjoy more photos of the impressive waterfall.

      • My favorite time of the year. 

Lake Fusine

Fusine Lakes in Northern Italy are a sight to behold any time of the year. But since the Fall is my favorite, it comes as no surprise that this is my beloved view of the lake -decorated with a rainfall of golden leaves.

      • Up in the mountains. 

KofceSlovenia has so many wonderful peaks to choose from. The beauty right here is Kofce and it can be quiet easily reached with kids in tow. It was climbing up to the top here, that made us realize how much this can be. So iIn 2016 we are doing a whole lot more of hiking, because we have figured out the way to make it one of the best family friendly activities. If you’ve missed it, we share our tips on how right here.

      • Lake Bled on a perfect day. 

Lake Bled

Lake Bled holds a special meaning for me, since it’s right next to my childhood home and I grow up watching the Seasons change here. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, this view of the church in the middle of the lake never gets old and you can’t ever get used to something so special. It’s always a surprise.

      • Fall in love with Trenta.


There are some places that captivate you the moment you lay eyes on them. Trenta valley in the North Western part of Slovenia is just one such sight. It has the best views of the mountains, is the birthplace of the emerald green Soca river and is surrounded with stunning nature.

      • Seaside rhapsody. 


Zadar makes a perfect stop on the Zagreb – Split highway. Here a few other places that you might enjoy to break up the long journey.

      • Chasing our kids around. 

Omaha beach

I guess it’s appropriate that a photo of our kids made the top ten, since trying to catch them is a regular occurrence on all our outings. But having them run around on D-Day, Omaha beach in France was extra special for me. It held a significant meaning – bringing joy to a place that has witnessed such atrocity.  And there are more reasons to share this sight with your kids.

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