Royal Ontario Museum

Best Museums for Kids in Europe

Museums shouldn’t only be the go to choice if it’s raining, they are always a terrific chance for kids to learn something new in a fun and interactive way. On our list of the best museums for kids you will find interesting establishments the whole family will enjoy.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Museum of Technology, Deutsches Museum – Munich

The first floor with all the aviation pieces is every kid’s (and kids at heart) dream. Planes and helicopters and cars and rockets… But every floor holds so many different artifacts you can spend the whole day exploring. The museum also has a special place dedicated just to kids – Kid’s Kingdom and the best part is, the adults can visit it only, if accompanied by a child.
Natural History Museum, House der Natur – Salzburg 

Wow. This is an impressive museum and the website doesn’t do it justice. It is huge, spread over 7,100 m² of floor space and connecting two buildings. It covers subjects ranging from the depths of the universe, secrets of the human body, animals… and is said to be one of the best attended natural history museums in the whole of Europe. It is also a home to the aquarium with more than 40 display pools. It takes a lot of time to get through it, so we didn’t. Our suggestion is: don’t forget the hands-on Science Center, which offers around 80 different opportunities to conduct experiments.

 Natural History Museum

Science Museum, CosmoCaixa – Barcelona

The museum hosts many activities and exhibitions to give anyone who is interested a greater insight into the world of science. We really loved the exhibition called the Flooded Forest, which recreates 1,000 m2 of an Amazonian rain forest ecosystem and features piranhas, crocodiles and other animal and plant species typical to the zone. It will take you a few hours to explore it and try the many activities it offers.

Highland Folk Museum – Cairngorm National Park

Britain’s first open air museum has no entry charge and is a great place for the whole family to learn about Scottish Highlands. Over 30 historical building show how the Highland people lived and worked from the 1700s up till the 1960s. The kids were very found of the class room where we all learned how to write properly. And we got a real insight in what a difficult life it was in these parts 1700s.

Highland Folk Museum

FRida & freD, The Graz Children’s Museum – Graz

Located in Augarten park, this children’s museum is again very hands on, but their motto also includes minds and so it says: “Hands On – Minds On”. It is best suited for kids between the ages of 3 to 12 and they can do experiments, touch, listen and try things out because it is all allowed.

Slovene Ethnographic Museum – Ljubljana

They say it is a museum of cultural identities; a link between the past and the present, a museum “about the people, for the people”. It has a very worldly feel to it. It is modern, spacious and new, the exhibits are interesting, not cluttered and children friendly as well. I was very impressed by it and I would highly recommend a visit.

We know we are missing other best museums for families in Europe, so don’t be shy, let us know which ones you think should be on the list.

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