Bad Mom's New Year Resolutions

Bad Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions

At thirty something, I have lots of years of New Year’s resolutions behind me. That would be valuable experience, if all hadn’t failed. You could tell that some were doomed from the start, others made it through but none past the first quarter. A smarter person would stop making them. But I’ve never been one to give up. They say practice makes perfect, so this time I am nailing it. I am sticking to the basics. Here are my Bad Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions: 

1. I will take it easy.

Meaning all the household chores can wait, there are truly no pressing matters. The year 2018 is all about me and sleep. After I’ve had to spend around five years not getting enough of it, I am now ready to make up for lost time. I’ll use any and all excuses I can think of to get more zzzzzzz time.

2. I will not obsess over my kids. 

I believe I already did enough of it. Therefor I am also renouncing the terms helicopter parenting, tiger/dragon mom, and all the other types, someone made up.

I am going to be just Mom.

I will play with them, make up games, read them stories and take them places, but at the end of the day I’ll let them spend a bit of time alone, make some of their own choices and let them be kids, meaning all is not about learning and being better, sometimes playtime can be just that -play. To top it all, I’ll do it without feeling guilty or afraid I am neglecting them.

3. I will spend more time with my hubbs. 

Since having two kids, there are times I have trouble remembering who the man standing next to me in the wedding photo is. I will thus do my very best to be with hubbs and not discuss our kids. We should really have other things to talk about, too. We’ll have grandma take the girls and give us some alone time. In the meantime we”ll use every opportunity we have to steal a few moments for each other. 

 4. I will not stop eating chocolate.

If I do, then it’s because I’ve switched to cookies. I don’t know how much time I’ve got, but I am enjoying it and well, in our household everyone wants a happy Mommy. Chocolate does it, so does coffee and a glass of wine, especially after I’ve had a stressful day at work and have come to a mess at home. I am not giving up any of it.

 5. I will not workout.

Thus I won’t do pilates, yoga, aerobics or any type of exercise, where someone is telling me what to do, how I can do it and how many times. After work, an afternoon with two tots I will not conclude my day by stressing out about not being able to do 50 push ups. Instead I’ll walk, I’ll chase my kids on the playground, maybe cycle to work. 

I’ll do it my way if I ever feel so inclined. I can tell you right now, I probably won’t.

 So, there it is. That’s what I’ll be working on next year. What about you?