Beneath the Surface: Aquarium Pula with Kids

Housed in the 130-year old fort Verudela, Aquarium Pula is home to over 250 spieces. Our favorite were the seaturtles – as the aquarium in Pula also serves as the sea turtle rescue center.   

Aquarium Pula
Aquarium Pula

In love with the sea

I am not sure if it’s because I am a pisces, but I love the sea, rivers, lakes, even a bathtub filled with water. I don’t have to be in it, just watching it makes me feel good. It turns out my kids and hubby feel the same.

When we were at the sea side last weekend and the sea was too cold to swim in, we headed for the Aquarium Pula.

All about the Aquarium Pula 

It’s one of the most visited aquariums in Croatia. Rightly so. We’ve discovered these terrific reasons to visit: 

  • Aquarium Pula is located in the 130 year old fort called Verudela, that was once part of the powerful defence complex “Fortress Pula” built during the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. 
  • It’s is home to over 250 spieces, such as the octopus, lobsters, corals, nurse shark, eels, planktons, etc.
  • The setting of the tanks and the lovely mystical music coming from the speakers at times made me feel I was visiting a gallery with carefully arranged artifacts and not an aquarium with animals. 
  • It’s a sea turtle rescue center. 

Kids favorite in the Aquarium Pula

It’s a tie between the turtle rescue center and the nursery for young fish, where you can see how they grow. 

I was sure they’d pick the tank with the caymans but since the animals were asleep, in fact you had to focus to notice they were actually alive, it didn’t impress them as much. 

Educating element in the Aquarium

I loved a long narrow hallway with big posters explaining the creation of Earth. It all started in the sea, water still makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface. 

We took time and discussed it all with kids and we used the opportunity to stress the importance of keeping the seas clean, saving water… 

The aquarium also offers great tips on how to save water and after visiting, I no longer have to tell kids to turn off the faucet when they are brushing their teeth. 

Where is it?

The aquarium is located on the Verudela peninsula, 3 km away from the centre of Pula. Here is the address to put into your GPS system:

Verudela bb, Verudela, 52105, Pula.

There’s plenty of free parking around the aquarium and nearby.

The price?

The price depends on the season, if you are visiting in May like we did, then the adult ticket will cost you 100 kn, which is around 13 Euros.

For other prices check the official website.

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