Romantic Anniversary Getaway to Ortenia

In a few days we are about to celebrate one of our many anniversaries, many for me, a few for hubby, to be exact. But we were both very relaxed about them for a couple of years now. Since becoming parents, thus no longer being a couple who can getaway on a whim and make dinner reservations on a moments notice, we considered eating a take away pizza and sharing a kiss the highlight of all our anniversaries for five years now.  But this year I wanted it to be different, so I wish I could say I whisked my hubby away for a weekend, but it took painstaking planning where more people than the G8 Summit were involved to be able to bring some romance back to our very routine lives.

20140525_094441In February this year a lovely set of six apartments opened in a village called Podcetrtek. The village is located in the SE part of Slovenia, most famous for the incredible spa. On the website the Ortenia Apartments in nature looked so enchanting, that I booked us a weekend getaway there. And I wasn’t disappointed. They are the first Eco apartments in Slovenia, part of the Eco hotels certified. They really tried hard to use all the natural materials, as much as they possibly could, like wood, clay and stone and came up with such cleaver and creative ideas. But most of all the feel of the place is so warm and comfortable due to the materials and use of unique details. Even better is the fact that they are secluded, but with a view to die for; village rooftops, church tower and high on a hill a castle, evoking imagination.

When we got there it was so quiet and lovely, we just wanted to take it all in. Hubby lay on the bed, marveling at the view and drifted slowly to sleep, while I took full advantage of the lovely lawn. So, I placed a deckchair in the shade and I read. I read in the quiet with only birds chirping and I thought is this heaven? Did this year Christmas come early? Because it must have. I had a full hour to myself, which in Mom time must be like a whole day. I literally stopped reading when I’ve had enough. That hasn’t happened since I’ve given birth to my first daughter. Even when the baby from the next apartment started crying I couldn’t be bothered. My only thought was: I am so lucky it isn’t mine.

After both us getting a bit of »me« time, which we apparently needed, we did also have some awesome »us« time. Of course with my poor planning abilities I scheduled the romantic weekend on the night of the most important football game this season, World Cup excluded. So, when we went out to explore the region, which is by the way lovely. (They also have plenty of sites perfect for kids, though this time around we avoided them, but not to worry, we’ll be back with the kiddos, for those.) we needed to do something about not missing the whole match.

The minute we got back to the apartment we sat down on the couch and watched the game. I could have gone to the sauna, because they have two downstairs, but I was happy to be alone with hubbs, a few precious moments where no words were necessary and definitely not needed and where even the men running around the ball looked better, because I was in such comfy surroundings. Still, you know, it wouldn’t be me, had I not started asking hubby all those boring questions about football that drove him insane. And had we been at home, we would probably end up arguing, but since it was our anniversary getaway we couldn’t be bothered. We ended up laughing and hitting the bed together, leaving without knowing the end result of the game.

But hey that’s probably the first thing we checked in the morning. After waking up to birds singing and church bells tolling, we removed the drapes and stared out the window. Yeah, our expectations of sleeping in where quickly blown away, we are trained so well by now, we don’t know how to sleep past seven. But just the fact, we could stay in bed and wait for our breakfast was enough.

They had me at the fact that breakfast would be brought to us. I stopped listening after that. But a sight of a lovely wooden basket on our doorstep, filled with local produce, from nearby farms was perfect. What a way to start a day, healthy and tasty, but most of all simple, yet I would never have thought of it. So, it was a welcome change and in a setting so great, nothing could ruin it. Not even the fact, it was time to go back home.

Yeah, but it was nice to get away and we really shouldn’t get too spoiled or we might get used to it.



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