Above All: Planina nad Vrhniko

For stunning views of Ljubljana and beyond visit Planina nad Vrhniko, only a short ride away from the Slovenian capital. It’s an easy hike with a cottage at the top offering refreshments and a playground to keep everyone entertained.

Planina nad Vrhniko
The view from the top

Planina nad Vrhniko

Even though the starting point of this hike is only half an hour away from our home in Ljubljana, I have never visited it because Ljubljana is surrounded with great opportunities for easy hikes. Well, not just Ljubljana, Slovenia offers plenty of options for hiking.

But not many in my opinion offer such stunning views of Ljubljana, so that’s one of the main reasons to visit.

Wait, I’ve got more. It’s an easy hike with plenty of shade, kids have a playground at the start as well as on the top, there’s a spring along the way, one cool mill, a tiny pond that offers a dip in the Summer and an imposing tower for an even better vista.

Stari Maln – the starting point

Perfect for Kids

There are many different routes to Planina nad Vrhniko and they are all fairly easy, meaning kids will have no problems getting to the top. Will they complain none the less? Well, if they are like mine, they will. But it’s safe to say I complained the most, because I think from all the routes available we chose the steepest one.

None the less this is a great place to explore with the kids as first of all they can admire a renovated mill, than try out the playground at the very start.

The playground at Stari Maln

The kids have a reward at the top too, because aside from climbing to the top of the lookout tower, they can play some more at the other playground.

The path we chose however is not suitable for a stroller.

Perfect for Adults

This is definitely not one of those places where the kids have all the fun. While they are busy at the playground, the starting point offers you a chance to have drinks and admire the little pond. Or if you are brave enough, you can jump into the pond for a quick refreshment.

At the top you have another cottage serving great local food, the kind of meal you generally get in the mountains but here it’s without that long, exhausting hike.

And let’s mention the views one more time.

The cottage at the top with the tower in the distance

How to get to Planina nad Vrhniko?

Planina nad Vrhniko as mentioned can be reached in different ways. Let me tell you about the path we took. We drove to the Stari Maln parking space, where we parked the car.

I am sorry to say you can only get to Stari Maln (meaning an old mill) by car. But there are other options that will let you visit Planina even if you are traveling with public transportation. You can start from Vrhnika and then there are several paths to follow.

Check out this site, to get a better idea.

Planina nad Vrhniko from Stari Maln

Stari Maln, just type that into your Google maps and it will get you there, is a great destination all on its own, even if you don’t go any further.

Famous for an old mill that stood here long time ago and you can still see the renovated mill wheel, it is located deep in the valley of stream Bela. Half an hour walk from the cottage will get you to the spring of this stream.

The Bela stream

Once you park the car at the car park, walk past the cottage, or stop for some delicious food, and follow the signs for Planina, Lintvern – the name of the spring, it’s all in the same direction. So, plan to see both. The whole hike will take you about an hour.

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