A life time of love or just a fling

Imagine reading a personal ad that went something like this: I’m broad, tall and vibrant. My background is very multicultural, thus I am very open mined and have no preference to any type. I am very modern, but still value all that is old. I try to constantly work on myself as there is always enough room for improvement. You could easily find me watching a good sports match such as hockey though I equally enjoy other types of entertainment as well, like opera, musical, good concert or strolling down the museum. Working in finances and helping different businesses I work long hours. My motto is: work hard, party hard. That is why I know all the great places to unwind and relax. With me you will never know a dull moment, as I am full of surprises. Consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to meet me. Braging too much? I’ve been told differently.

I can assure you all of the above is true. I’d also add, stops traffic, causes traffic jams and with so many admirers it surprises me there is room for more. But there is. It sure was a love at first sight and you are most definitely now wondering who am I talking about. Calm yourselves, it is not a who, it’s a what. What?  What? 

I am writing about Toronto. Might not be the capital, but it’s Canada’s largest city. To me nothing the guidebook said mattered, as it was a love at first sight. You are skeptic? Well, have you not read a word I’ve written?

We were lucky enough to visit Toronto two times. We saw it from up above, courtesy of the CN Tower and we walked its streets till our feet hurt. Now, I love big cities and if you read my blog you already know I have a huge soft spot for them. I kind of had a feeling I’d like this business capital of Canada and I wasn’t wrong. It really isn’t hard to explain why. I already did in the short personal ad. But let’s elaborate just for a little bit. Toronto through my eyes: Huge city with tall buildings, on the shore of the lake Ontario. Clean streets, modern feel to the downtown area. Great restaurants, we enjoyed two (Beer Bistro and Spring Rolls) and both get my full recommendations, many sights – we managed to visit the nice but huge Royal Ontario Museum. We only got to see a fraction of it, as there are just so many exhibits, but definitely worth it. Shop till you drop in the Eaton Center – we didn’t, just walked through it. Still, very impressive. Beautiful campus of the University of Toronto – it makes you want to turn back the time and do all the studying all over again. Small/cozy/long/noisy, etc streets, nooks and crannies, I’d love to get a chance to spend a few days in Toronto as there is soooo much more I’d love to see.

Incredible as it is, there were still a few things I could never get passed. Guess everyone has to have a positive and negative sides. The traffic around and in Toronto is just mind blowing and if I had to do traffic jams every day I’d just lose it. No amount of love could get me passed that. The city is enormous and with two small kids I just don’t see us navigating it on the daily basis. So, let’s call this relationship what it is: a vacation fling, something that is great when you are carefree and on a holiday, but crumbles as soon as your reality kicks back in.

“Baby, I’ll still cherish all we had :)”

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