Dear Santa. We just Want to Travel

Dear Santa, I know this should be my kids’ wish list, but they are easy, I can handle them.  Besides, once you read what I’d like, you’ll see it’s all about them anyway: spending quality time with my family away from the boring routine. No, we don’t need any more stuff. All we need is more time and money. I believe in your magic, so if anyone can pull this off, it’s definitely you. And we don’t need it all on Christmas, let’s reconvene at at the end of next year’s and see what we’ve done.

Without further ado here it is, “All we want for Christmas…

Scotland: now you might think this one is easy. But we’ve been to Scotland three times now. Edinburgh or Glasgow or even Inverness will not cut it. You’ll really have to be creative. We’re thinking Orkney or Shetland or any of the remote yet stunningly beautiful Scottish islands.

South America – I am dreaming of Chile? Do you think kids are old enough? Maybe this can wait. But then come up with something as good…

  • Camping in Austria – all we need is a camp by the lake, place in the shade to set up our tent and not too big of a crowd. We want to swim, play in the sand, lay in the sun and drink Austrian beer, oh and the kids want a playground.

Slovenia for kids

  • Exploring Slovenia – if it was possible, we’d be roaming our country almost every weekend all year long, until we knew every nook and cranny there is. Is it possible?
  • Secret romantic getaway – if you can make it happen I’d appreciate it. The destination is of little importance here. I just want to have some alone time with hubby to explore, take it easy and enjoy his company. A day or two will do.  The rest we are happy to spend with our kids.

  • Little trips now and then – not everything can be planned, right. Give us a chance to jump and grab an opportunity (a trip) when it arises – so when a place calls us – we can answer.

And that is it, dear Santa.

Let me finish my letter with thanking you for taking the time to read it. We are looking forward to all the traveling and perhaps hubbs can wish for some new suitcases… Because we all believe!