A journey to Iceland begins

It’s been almost two weeks since our trip to the magnificent desolate country of Iceland. And you’d think I would start writing as soon as we got back, but for some strange hard to explain reason I dreaded it. Because how can I possibly describe this wonder of a place where you can see the beauty and feel the raw magnitude of Nature’s power and realize just how insignificant we all are in the whole scope of things. I have never been so deeply touched and disturbed by a place I visited. But Iceland is going to haunt me forever.

IMG_1000Let me start be clarifying a few things first. The trip to Iceland was on the top of our goals, dream destinations forever. It was perhaps the holly grail of it, because we kind of thought we will never be able to visit it and when we actually decided to go there I was so reluctant to do any special planning or even put too much thought into it, just for the fear of failure. This has never before happened, as I am always the one to do all the planning. Still hubby was sooo excited as well, since Iceland is the photographer’s dream come true and he more then excelled at the task of planning and hey, you’ll get to see the photos.


The other thing that made this journey different was we went alone. I know what you are thinking or rather I don’t. Because ever since we decided to do it without the kids and it was for me a really though choice as I am a firm believer in traveling with kids, nobody judged us. Everyone was happy and encouraging, saying it was a good thing to do. Still I wasn’t that sure, but this time around nothing actually worked in the favor of taking them with us. All the flights got to Reykjavik in the middle of the night, the weather there being so unstable and much colder with constant wind, our desire to see as much of the island as possible… So, the kids stayed with the grandparents and we went alone.

It was truly what we needed. I had forgotten how to travel with just the two of us, I had trouble letting go of always checking the watch and had to force myself not to turn around every time somebody called “Mommy”. It was kind of liberating that we had cater only to our own needs and it was truly awesome to do a bit of soul searching on this lonely island.

When we arrived in Keflavik airport we were one bag short and I was already convinced what a bad omen this must be. Luckily the bag mostly contained our camping equipment and we didn’t need it for the first night as we got ourselves a place to sleep through AirBnB. Still, me ever the pessimist was already in the bad mood, tired and wishing I was home. But the sight of Aurora Borealis in the sky right above us as soon as we left the airport building made me reconsider and realize that nothing could be wrong if this is the welcome we are getting.

The journey continues the next day when we visited the famous golden circle….

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