A Breath of Fresh Air: Vespera Hotel with Kids

The fist thing that caught our attention as we pulled to a stop in front of the busy Vespera Hotel, was the soft and fragrant air. Island of Lošinj, island of vitality is famous for its many health benefits, it’s especially beneficial for those suffering with respiratory diseases. And Vespera hotel is ideally located to give you the best the island has to offer.


Vespera Hotel

Location, Location – right next to the sea

We checked into our spacious and cozy rooms that overlooked the sea. While the two of us enjoyed the view from our balcony, the kids unpacked the toys that welcomed them. They were tempted to stay in the room and play, but we offered to explore the hotel and it’s surroundings.

Vespera hotel

They couldn’t refuse heading down to the sea.

It was dark but the sea beckoned us. It’s easily accessible from the hotel, only a few steps away. Directly in front of the hotel are rocks and plateaus suitable for adults and older kids. But as we discovered the next day, less than five minutes away, there’s a lovely pebbled beach, everyone will love.

Since we were visiting in the middle of September I packed us bathing suits and shorts, but I was doubtful, we’d needed it. The school started and with the amount of chores on our daily agenda, I was sure we were well into the cool of the Autumn.

Imagine my shock, when I the air outside was warm, so gentle that I had no problem sticking my foot into the sea. And if it hadn’t been for my irrational fear of swimming in the dark, I’d jump in immediately.

Instead we returned to the hotel terrace and swam in the sea the second we opened our eyes.

Vespera Hotel

Vespera Hotel is part of the Kinder Hotels

The terrace was busy with kids dancing and having fun. Ours didn’t need more encouragement. And while the two of them goofed around, we sipped our cocktails, feeling like we were on our Summer holiday and not just a short weekend getaway.

We congratulated ourselves on chosing wisely. Not just the location, but finding this gem of the hotel.

Vespera Hotel was the first hotel part of the group of hotels called Kinder Hotels, which basically means they are incredibly family friendly, aka they love parents.

I needed a bit of TLC, after navigating two weeks of school. So, we tried everything they offer: welcome toys, mini disco on the terrace, playrooms with a friendly team of entertainers, the play corner in the foyer, two playgrounds in front of the hotel. And then there was the food.

Delicious food and lunch for kids

The breakfast – my favorite meal of the day is delicious and abundant. And kids can have their pick of their favorites too.

I also noticed, that they have a special corner, if you need to prepare food for younger kids. They also have a Mum’s corner in the foyer of the hotel, where you can heat up a meal for babies in the evening or even at night. Super, handy. They really pay attention to kids and the staff is very helpful.

The adults have only breakfast and dinner. I say only, but I was kind of glad it’s only, because I ate too much at breakfast and there was no need for a lunch, but kids have more control. And that’s why, it’s great that they do offer lunch for kids, as well as a snack in the afternoon. You can either let the team of animators take them or you can take them yourself.

Vespera hotel

The pool vs the sea

Hotel Vespera doesn’t have the pool, or to correct myself it shares a pool with the hotel next to it. And our kids loved it. It’s got a small slide and lots of sprinklers and uses sea water. All perfect, but we wanted them to swim in the beautiful and warm sea. In the end we compromised: it was an hour at the pool, then an hour at the sea and so on.

Arriving to Vespera, we had many plans about exploring this unique island of Lošinj, that has healing powers deriving from the climate, the sea, the pine trees and herbs all mixing together with lots of sunshine. In the end the hotel and it’s neighborhood had us so preoccupied we only managed to take a walk down one of the paths leading from the hotel.

We’ll just have to return again and then maybe we’ll visit the Aquapark in Čikat, less than 20 km away, where hotel guests at Vespera get a discount. We wanted to surprise our kids with it, but there was no budging them away from the hotel. And we were OK with it, as I think we all needed a break.

After two days, it was hard to leave, the sun was shining, the sea was warm and sparkling, but we knew that reality awaits. It was a bit of magic – waking up and going for a swim before breakfast, someone else cooking and cleaning,… and when the routine gets too overbearing we’ll come back, for a bit of fresh air.


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