9 Signs Your Family Needs a Vacation

It’s November. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be too far off if I described it, as pretty depressing. So, of course I would be anywhere but here. Somewhere where the sun is still shining, where the sea is still warm and where people are not coughing all over me all the time. Still, even if it wasn’t the dreaded November, I’d still think the grass is truly greener someplace else. So, I am counting the days till our next adventure. Until then, I bet you are wondering how can you tell, if you and your kids are ready to escape the routine? No itchee feet? How about any of these tell-tale signs, you are in desperate need of a trip.

“9 Signs Your Family is Ready For a Trip (2)

#1 You start addressing your hubby in French and he responds – in French.

#2 The kids don’t complain when you pack spring rolls or sushi in their lunch box.

#3 You feel as if Google is mocking you with the hotel ads.

#4 You want to punch the next person who wants to tell you about their holidays in the face.

#5 Your kids recognize the flags, license plates, tourists…

#6 You have bravely survived being stuck at home on rainy days. (but it’s too much)

#7 You’ve got passports. (with no stamps)

#8 You realize you spend half of your day dreaming.

#9 Your kids start packing the suitcases themselves and pretend to travel.


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