7 Things You Get Addicted to When You Live in Slovenia

  • So many choices 

Small yet diverse is how one could best describe this country located in Central Europe. With access to both the Adriatic Sea and the impressive part of the Alps, it has everything within easy reach. Living here makes you forget about driving for hours on end to reach your destination or having to choose what to visit – it is all possible.


  • No queues

With less than 2,4 million people living in Slovenia, how can there possibly be any queues? While all of the inhabitants of the capital Ljubljana will rush to complain about the congested traffic during rush hours, foreigners have never been able to figure out what they mean.

  • Local food and drinks

The world has yet to discover Slovenian cuisine, but if you live here you will not be able to get enough of delicacies such as Idrijski zlikrofi or stews like “jota”, not to mentions the best sweets like the cake called Prekmurska gibanica. Making it all even better is a glass of Slovenia’s top notch wine. And the best part is that you can afford it. Eating out will not bankrupt you.

  • Complaining about everything

The favorite Slovenian past time is definitely complaining and pretty much nothing is off limits. It’s extremely addictive and you will be sucked in immediately. Even if you ever move, you will notice saying things like it’s too hot, it’s so depressing, this is way to expansive, why are they giving it for free…

Soca river

  • Discovering Triglav National Park

It will ruin you for other National Parks, with sights such us Lake Bohinj, river Soca, steep mountain ranges…On every visit you will find something else to fall in love with and it is always right at your fingertips.

  • A cup of joe with a view

Forget about just drinking coffee and rushing off. In Slovenia, you will get used to having that perfect cup with incredible views; at the river banks in the capital of Ljubljana, one the shore of Lake Bled, in the castle courtyards, or on the hills overlooking the whole region…

Coffee in Ljubljana

  • Saturdays in Ljubljana

There is something quite magical about the capital of Slovenia. And Saturdays carry a special charm, as everything slows down and relaxes. The locals take a leisurely walk over to the main market to get fresh produce for their weekend meals, grab a cup of coffee with friends they haven’t seen during the week and enjoy all the commotion on the cobbled stoned streets and squares in the city center.

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