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7 Best Slovenian Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. These Slovenian Instagram account s along with their amazing photos then speak volumes. They show perfectly captured places that tell a story of Slovenia as a lush green destination, full of special nook and crannies waiting to be explored.  While the accounts can be a useful way to help you plan your trip, they can also inspire your wanderlust and make you come discover this unique country by yourself.  You’ve been warned.  Here is some eye candy to make you fall in love with Slovenia…

Who: @markogrd
Why: Consider it your unofficial guide to Slovenia. Amazing photos of the best sights the country has to offer. It is not exclusively about Slovenia, but never mind. Just be warned that following the account will give you serious wanderlust.

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Who: @ljubljananjam
Why: It is all about amazing food. Food you should not miss when you come to Ljubljana. Food you will definitely crave until you do come.

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Who: @tinatajus
Why: Because she will take you hiking and show you how amazing Slovenian mountains and unspoilt nature is. From poppy fields to downtown drinks you will be privy to the best the country has to offer.

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Who: @xenia6
Why: Let her take you on a tour of Ljubljana. She knows all about the perfect venues to visit and makes you notice the details that make the capital of Slovenia such a lovely place.

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Who: @supklub
Why: While I have never tried standing on sup, I love their photos, because they tell a story from a different perspective. Slovenia is abundant with water and they explore the best parts.

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Who: @mcvijic
Why: He is all about the open road and exploring it on his bike. Follow him as he explores the countryside and uncovers new tempting places.

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Who: @coolkidzcooltrips
Why: Because I can’t believe you aren’t following us already. We share our favorite family getaways and show you what works if you have kids in tow.

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