5 Mom Only Vacations and the Reality

While everyone is debating what the perfect gift for Moms is, I know what I want to give myself. A break  and for the world to still stand, will I have this moment all to myself. But with two tots, I don’t see it happening soon and when it eventually does, I’ll probably no longer remember how I would like to spend it. So, this here is my bucket list for when I am older and some alternatives to get me through:

  • Spend a whole day in a Spa

Just to plain and simple torture myself I’ve tried Googling the best Spa in the world. And all too soon I was overwhelmed with choices and types of relaxation and all I was really looking for were peace and quiet. Honestly, I didn’t even understand half of the stuff they are all offering, though I would freely entrust myself in their care. After awhile though I was relieved to not have that time or enough money to sponsor a visit, because I truly don’t know if I’d ever be willing to go back home. But here is just one photo  of Velassaru Maldives for you to enjoy as well.

Velassaru 84-1761

When I spotted this little heavenly resort, it was like a scene from Jerry Maguire, because they had me at the mention of Maldives. I basically stopped paying attention after that. This is exactly how I picture paradise: miles of sandy beaches, over-water pavilions, infinity pools and crystal clear sea awaiting me. They say embrace simple luxuries, oh no, that would be jumping into a tube at home, this here is as good as it gets people.


There is no chance I will ever be able to go to the Maldives on my own. The minute my kids would find out, they’d start packing as well and frankly they have gotten really good at it.  It’s my fault basically for making them fall in love with travel. Well, now they have. So, the only thing left for me to do is to clear the house, light up some candles and fill the tube with steaming hot water along with a concoction claiming to bring the Dead Sea into my home. As if.

  • Winery tour

I will never forget our trip to Canada when our youngest was 6 months old. It was a great trip and we managed to see incredible sights. But what I regret is not being able to do a winery tour in the region of Niagara on the Lake. We did however try the amazing Ice wine and I am not sure that was a good decision. It was then that I realized how much I am missing out on. I will be definitely adding this to my bucket list and hopefully be able to give it another shot.



In the meantime, the consolation prize doesn’t sound so bad. I am lucky to live in a country where they take wine production very seriously and I will not have a problem picking out some excellent wine from many great wine making regions of Slovenia. I could however encounter trouble the next morning.

  • Yoga

When we were in Bali a few weeks ago, the Lonely Planet guide was full of suggestions for great places to do yoga. Well, my exercise in Bali was chasing my kids in the pool and on the beach, which honestly doesn’t sound that bad. So, I am not really complaining, it wouldn’t do, but I am planning a yoga retreat some day, hopefully while I am still able to do any of the asanas.



And until then I will practice my downward dog at home.

  1.  Bar hopping

Since getting kids my nights are not what they used to be. Yes, I often find myself awake at 3 am but for a whole different reason. For just one night, it would be great to push PJ’s aside, put on some nice clothes and go outside. And if I could get my girlfriends to join me, it would be even more fun. I can picture us in Dublin walking down the famous Temple Bar, trying out different beers, giggling and not being able to believe our luck.



I can’t really see this one happening, mostly because it would also require me not falling asleep by the time people actually go out in the evening. So, I would consider not dozing off on the couch a win.

  1. Chocolate

I really don’t care about the diamonds and I don’t buy the whole diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I don’t remember them consoling me. Ever. But I could always count on the benefits of chocolate to pull me through. Thus I would be willing to sell my soul for it. And that’s why I think a weekend trip to Brussels, the capital of Belgium and famous for its chocolate masters, would top the list of places I would most like to visit. Someday.


I’ll settle for a really good chocolate cake.



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