5 mistakes Dads do in the delivery room

5 Mistakes Dads make in the Delivery Room

Despite the fact it is physically possible for a Mom to give birth by herself, I told my hubs, I wasn’t doing it, if he didn’t come along. I was aware that there wasn’t a lot he could do. That became obvious when the act of give birth extended into a marathon of giving birth. But it was comforting having him there and it came handy with all the paper work we had to do. Though I had so much time, I could’ve finished a novel in the hours it took to get one small baby out. None the less, I was adamant that we are in this mess together. It goes without saying I loved his company and it’s an experience that definitely bonded all of us together. He was there to welcome our little creation into this world and it probably doesn’t get any better than that. Though there were definitely a few scenes he now wants to erase from his memory, the same as I wished he avoided these mistakes:

5 mistakes Dads do in the delivery room

  • Being funny.

I know it comes from a good place and they just want to relieve the tension. Still like with any comedy you should know your limits.  It’s OK to tell a joke, fine, but listen I don’t find anything remotely funny about the situation I am in or the way I currently look. When I am trying to push out a human being, I don’t want to know that I resemble a smurf. Apparently my sense of humor diminishes as the amount of pain I am under increases.

  • Taking photos.

Now this one could go either way. You can forget you even know what a camera is and have to be reminded by the nurse that perhaps with the baby in my hands would be a good time to take a few photos. Or you start filming the minute you arrive at the hospital. I’d definitely go with the first option, because trust me, there are some things nobody wants to see, not even me and definitely not our kid one day.

  • Posting photos on Facebook.

Just please give it a few more minutes. Posting the photo of a baby that barely got out of the womb and a Mom looking like she delivered a truck falls in the same category of things nobody wants to see. Everybody can just wait. If they could do it for baby George, they can shore hold on for baby Stela.

  • Complaining. 

I am sorry this is not the time of your life, but it pretty much sucks for me too. Asking: why this is taking so long or saying God, I am starving… isn’t really helpful. The general rule of the thumb is that you only get to complain if you’re in the stirrups.

  • Trying to be too helpful.

It looks like everything you do is wrong and that is true. This is a situation where you can’t do anything right. Just remember we are not really ourselves and deep, deep down we appreciate you being there. Just not when you’re saying things like: just breath and you can do it. All I hear is I could do it better and I wish you could. But it’s pretty obvious there’s no one else to do it but me.



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