most romantic places in Slovenia

3 Most Romantic Places in Slovenia

Since becoming parents our romantic places include the couch when the kids go to sleep or the hallway where we exchange a kiss on our way out the door. We take what we can get. Besides we love being with our kids. But I’d be lying if I said it isn’t great to get away for a night or two. And we have realized we don’t have to venture far, there are plenty of great romantic places in Slovenia.

most romantic places in Slovenia


These chalets are appropriately called Nebesa, meaning Heaven in Slovene. And that’s not false advertising, just listen to this:

  • No kids – adults only. (Meaning no noise, no drama, – aka quiet and peaceful). You are already thinking where do I sign up, right. But there is more, like:
  • Located in the most stunning part of Slovenia –  Posočje Region, just a few minutes of uphill drive from the town of Kobarid.

Don’t take my word for it. Look at the view from our terrace:

  • A small chalet just for the two of you – no distractions and no one to barge in when you are in the middle of a, let’s say kiss…

Here are some useful posts for exploring the region, (like you’d even consider leaving the house once you get it all to yourself). Just in case, OK: Trenta valley and the Mangart Pass are all very interesting.


I am talking about a lovely set of six apartments in a village called Podcetrtek, famous for the incredible spa. As the first Eco hotel in Slovenia, Ortenia tries its best to use natural materials, like wood, clay and stone. They came up with a lot of cleaver and creative ideas.

Most of all the material and the attention to detail make the place feel warm and comfortable. Yet even better is the fact that the apartments are secluded, in a lovely setting. One one side, straight out of bed there’s the view: village rooftops, church tower and high on a hill a castle, evoking imagination. On the other the apartment opens up to a lovely garden.

And in the mornings they serve the most delicious breakfast – local ingredients delivered in a wicker basket. It waits for you at the front door. It means you can have your breakfast in PJ’s while sitting in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. (No: get me this, get me that, cut it, spread it, wipe it…) just you and your partner and the sound of birds.

Camping Bled

Wooden huts with all the luxury you’ll need, located in the most romantic town in Slovenia – Bled, with the picture perfect lake and the island in the middle. They are hidden away from all the commotion, strewn along a meadow and surrounded by trees. This is the setting of your perfect romantic getaway.

They call them Glamping Gozdne vile – Glamping Forrest villas, but they reminded me of another meaning the word vila in Slovenian has – fairy. Because my first thought upon arrival was, I have ventured into a magical land. There are little huts that have just enough room for a double bed and best possible views, stony pathways leading to them and wooden hot tubs, waiting for that perfect soak.

Waking up here feels like waking up in a forest, with nothing but the birds chirping and trees swaying in the breeze. It truly is that poetic. And besides the second you wake up there are so many great places in and around Bled to explore, every minute will count.

There you have it, our favorite three romantic places in Slovenia. But we hope to explore further and find others. What are your favorite ones. Share your tips in comments…

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