Family in Dolomiti

23 Moments of Travel with Kids

The sentence that would best describe travel with kids is: there is never a dull moment and there are a lot of those moments. Some funny and cute, others, well, not so much. I have summarized the ones that occur most often on our trips. If you too travel with your little ones, you are definitely no stranger to them either. In no particular order, here they are:

Family in Dolomiti

  1. Are we there yet?

Makes me wish I could say: »yes, but we’ll continue driving just for the fun of it. «

  1. I don’t want to leave yet.

First it’s all about convincing them to give something a try and then it’s all about getting them to move on.

  1. I forgot to pack… –

No matter how meticulously I plan, I mysteriously manage to always forget something.

  1. I need to pee. 

Every time there is no chance of stopping anywhere nearby.

  1. I am so hungry.

10 minutes into every trip we have taken so far.

  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

5 minutes before we are about to reach our destination.

  1. I don’t want to sleep.

Apparently travel doesn’t tire the kids the same it does us. When we can’t see nothing but the comfy bed they are still full of adrenalin.

  1. I think you just missed a turn.

There are still times we don’t quite understand what the GPS is trying to tell us.

  1. How do you put this back?

When you buy it, the camping equipment is always so neatly packed, but how in the world do you ever fit it back in there again?

  1. … Let it go…

These days every outing is associated with watching Frozen or even worse – having to listen to my girls sing the chorus of Let it go completely off beat, over and over again.

  1. Can you pick it up?

Driving in the car, the girls constantly lose a toy, a pen, paper, candy… and I have to turn into a contortionist to fish it out again.

  1. It’s not working!

Nothing is worse than when the technology lets us down…

  1. Where is my toy?

I’ve given serious thought of placing a tracking device on my kids’ favorite toys.

  1. What are we going to eat?

Or how do you trick them to eat something besides pizza and fries.

  1. How much is it?

What can I say, we travel on a budget and we can’t do it all…

  1. Make sure the kids don’t see it.

Our kids have the cunning ability to spot playgrounds miles away and if we want to get anywhere we just can’t stop at all of them.

  1. Don’t touch!

Even when they are still at the safe distance I am already yelling.

  1. Look Mommy!

Without the kids, I’d never notice the details or spend time observing a snail on the road, collect pebbles in the garden, count the cows on the field…

  1. Ice cream!

It’s a treat for each of our adventures.

  1. Oh, how do I explain this?

How does a helicopter work, what is an ear drum, who was Mozart… there are so many questions I have to answer without getting more inquiries.

  1. Carry me

When both of us are already carrying backpacks, toys and a plethora of things they’ve managed to gather in the time we were outside.

  1. Don’t run

When she accepts the fact you can’t carry her anymore, then you suddenly can’t keep up with her.

  1. Ouch

We really should travel in the company of a doctor and a pharmacist, as we regularly have to treat scraps, bruises and cuts.

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