12 Things My Kids Taught Me

If being a Mum was a job, I could pack my CV with the hands on experience to last me a lifetime. To say I am an expert in all things kids related would be exaggerating. I have to admit I do know a thing or two, as I am clearly able to fake, oh, I mean make my way through everyday. But as much as I am teaching my kids how to be adults, I prefer all the things kids taught me and are still teaching me.

Preparing for the birth I read all there is. If there was a book about babies popping out, I’ve probably at least flipped through it. I was so wound up about giving birth the whole raising a kid thing kind of slipped my mind. I mean honestly how tough can that be once you get it out?

It turns out that’s the hard part. But since at least half the books on giving birth were false – it was neither that awful or that good – I figured I’d just skip them and face facts that were starring me right in the eye.

I chose to let my kids teach me and figure things out on the go. And my kids taught me the following:

1)  If it doesn’t work try a different approach.

Very simple, if pleading and cajoling don’t work, I yell, then I threaten and lastly I give up. They have an unfair advantage to begin with, I’ve done hours of work or am about to, they’ve done nothing but play.

2) When in doubt, change the subject.

If they ask me something I don’t know how to explain, like how were the hills made, I offer cookies or chocolate or change the subject to something I do know about. It happens a lot, I am just not good at explaining things without making much bigger of a mess.

3) If they are sleeping, so am I.

That’s actually a no brainier. If it needs explaining you are clearly not there yet.

4) Fashionably sensitive, too cool to care.

Stela has proven to be the epitome of a cool kid and I apparently suck at picking the patterns and mixing colors. I let them pick their own clothes and have decided to let the matter drop if they are warm enough.

5) There is early and there’s late.

No such thing as on time exists in our household. We either get up early – which is on the weekends, or we sleep in late -when Mom is ready to catch the bus. The same goes with every other engagement we have. So, sorry in advance if you have made any plans with us.

6) The cure for itchy feet is running around.

I would like nothing more than to read on a couch but sadly my kids rarely share my views. Thus, I have learned the importance and benefits of a daily dose of fresh air, not to sweat the big stuff like the rain or wind and how families with kids and people with dogs are the only ones up and about at seven am on a Saturday morning.

7) Love the routine.

You and I know it sucks, right. Well, when having kids it’s basically the only thing keeping you sane, knowing the day has an end.

8) Hugs and kisses do help.

I am a magician because I can cure almost every boo-boo with my kiss and my hugs make it all all right.

I am not yet a real Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman even though I finally know my way around sick kids and am not rushing to the ER demanding the best surgical team to lower my kid’s temperature. And apparently onions, garlic and honey can cure almost everything.

9) Masterchef Mom.

I can cook and have moved past the famous “How long do you boil a three minute egg”. We have two big eaters. I have to always make sure I’ve got food on me, otherwise all hell would break lose. But with munchies I am good for about a minute and a half.

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10) Kid whisperer. I think this one sound creepy.

I just wanted to say that having my girls taught me about kids in general, because I always found those little people pretty intimidating, just for not understanding what you do with them, what do you say, how smart are they really… Now I know exactly.

11) Downright childish.

That’s what I get to be when accompanied with the two of them. I say it’s because of them, but perhaps that’s just an excuse.

12) Learning to be independent.

I am still working on it. Letting them go.

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  1. I totally agree with the Dr. Mom magical kisses routine. And I discovered today that if they get hurt when you aren’t around, they kiss the ouchie themselves and just carry on their merry little ways. Aren’t kids amazing?

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