10 Words That Look The Same In Slovene And English But Have Totally Different Meanings

Sin: Slovenians proudly brag with having a sin since it means a son. In predominantly Catholic Slovenia some might consider having one out of wedlock a sin.


Red: Seeing red in Slovenian is not a bad thing, quite the opposite, as red is order.

Star: One doesn’t look forward to being star in Slovenia. Once you realize that means old, you can guess why.

Sir: Slovenia is famous for different kinds of sirs, but none of them are gentlemen; sheep, cow or goat cheese. Pronounced almost like Siri without the last i.

More: The dictionary of the English language explains more as greater in amount, number, or size. Though one would not appreciate having more in Slovenia, never a good thing, it means nightmares.

Names: Such as Rita – one’s bottom, Nora – crazy or Lisa – mottle.

Pot: In English pot can mean toilet, cannabis or a container, while in Slovene, it stands only for a path.

Past: In both languages one can very easily get trapped in the past. In Slovene it’s literally, as it is a trap and in English quite figuratively. Both are pronounced the same.

Rob: If you rob someone, you could say you are living on the edge, which Slovenians call rob.

List: To make a list in English you might need a list in Slovene – a paper. It could also be used to say a leaf.

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