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10 Reasons You Should Never Take Your Kids to Ljubljana

1. You will break your tongue trying to pronounce the name of Slovenia’s capital. Imagine how many times your kids will make you say Ljubljana just to mess with you.

Ljubljana2. Nobody knows where it really is. Do you really want your kids to suffer hours of geography lessons, learn there is more to Europe than Paris and discover a lovely city unspoiled by the masses of tourists?

3. It’s known as the home of the dragons. And you will never hear the end of it, because kids love dragons and stories about them. Before visiting the famous Dragons Bridge, where you can expect to spend hours counting the beasts, refresh your knowledge of Greek heroes and catholic patron saints.

4. Anywhere you go in the old part of town, built on Roman ruins, you are bound to stumble upon something ancient. And we all know history is boring like the torch lit tour of the remains in the company of a Roman legionary. This just might turn your kids into nerds.

5. You will not be able to take a break, not even on the boat on river Ljubljanica, which meanders through the old town. It might seem perfect for a respite, but with kids excited by the incredible and unique views of the city, you will have to join in the fun.

6. Expect tears of disappointment when you visit the fairytale castle perched on a hill overlooking the city. It was only used as a dungeon and a fortress, with no evidence of princes and princesses. And well, dungeons and dragons, oh boy.

7. You will spend hours crossing bridges and will soon discover there are too many of them. How will you pick which one to take when you get to the Triple Bridge connecting the main square with the Old Town?

8. The kids will not want to leave the Tivoli Park, with its small yet lovely zoo, playgrounds for kids of all ages, hiking and running trails and a special treat if you get to the top of the hill, Roznik.

9. It is small enough you will be forced to explore the rest of the country. And with so many awesome sites being close by, how will you choose your destination.

10. You are bound to go to Bled, where your kids will be in awe of the island in the middle of a lake. You will ruin your kids for other lakes.

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  1. 11. And once you get your kids into the Science Centre House of Experiments you will have no chance to experience the rest of the town.

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