10 Lessons Flying Can Teach You About Parenting

Fasten your seat belts, never leave your bags unattended or how about always know your emergency exits. These are just some of the rules to follow when we are about to fly. But have you ever realized how easily they could be applied to parenting? Here are 10 lessons every parent should follow on or off the plane.



10 Lessons Flying Can Teach About Parenting

  • Be at the airport around three hours before flight departure for international travel.

If we always started getting ready three hours before we were due to leave the house, we would never ever be late.

  •    If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.

This is the golden rule to follow not only when you are dealing with oxygen masks on the plane, but just plain always.

It’s not selfish, it’s preservation – how can you help the kids, if you are about to pass out.

Always take care of yourself first then you have the strength and energy to handle the kids.

  •    Know your emergency exits.

No matter where you are, first and foremost familiarize yourself with the quickest way out. There might be a tantrum to deal with, diapers to change, kids being hungry, thirsty… be ready.

  •    Fasten seat belts.

Goes without saying – in the car the seatbelt sign should always be on.

  •    Wear lose fitting clothes and forget the heels.

Every time you are warned about skidding down the evacuation slide, they always follow  it up with: “don’t forget to take off the heels.”

With kids I never know when I’ll have to deploy the slide, so I like to always be ready.

Heels and nice clothes are just in the way.

  •    Restricted items.

Scissors nor knives aren’t allowed in your hand luggage. Good advice to follow and keep those items well out of kids’ reach.

  •    Liquids in small amounts and in sealed bags. 

Why hadn’t I thought of it sooner, it would spare me many a cleaning and ruined items. With only a few sips worth of drinks and even those placed in a sealed bag, I’d be for once safe from a disaster.

  •    Stow heavy items under the seat in front of you, not overhead.

I’ll go with store it just about anywhere but over your head.

  •    Don’t leave your bags unattended

Your phone will end up in the wrong hands, you won’t be able to find things, someone will be wearing “red fox” lipstick and all of your wet wipes will be strewn about. One of the best rules is to always keep it close by.

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