TripAdvisor: Slovenia’s Funniest Reviews

Can you remember travel before TripAdvisor? I can’t, because time and again it has proved its value by saving us plenty of hassle, letting us be a bit looser and more spontaneous with our schedules. It’s a source of great ideas and tips as it has more than 250 million reviews and opinions from travelers around the world. But I never trust it completely, because people’s tastes differ, so I take TripAdvisor’s suggestions only to get a general idea then if the majority agrees it’s worth it, I go see it, experience it or try it, to really form an opinion.


Ok, I am so lying, I am that one person who will despite hundreds of great reviews, always go check the terrible ones. I might not be swayed by it, but it will leave me wondering.

There are not a lot of reviews of Slovenia’s sights on TripAdvisor and most of them are rated as good, but there are some terrible and poor reviews. I had to check them to see if they were valid or just funny. I might agree with some points, but as you will see, some are just: dooh.

  • Predjama Castle 

“Nothing to see inside the Castle”

Reviewed July 10, 2014

We expected to see knights inside with their outfits and swords but unfortunately the castle is very poor inside without interesting views to see. The only benefit is to see the castle from the outside and it is free. We bought a tickets combined with Postojna cave so I don’t know how much it cost but in any case we didn’t enjoy it.

I bet the management of the largest cave castle in the world is already looking for knights in the classifieds. Anyone?

  • Bled Castle


Reviewed August 25, 2015

It’s 9 euro. Nice view but you get a similar view at the top of the hill on the opposite side of the lake and that hill has a massive slide going down it. 0 slides present at Bled castle.

Really, no slides at Slovenia’s oldest castle, I can’t believe no one thought of it over a thousand years ago, it would’ve made all the difference now. 

  • Ljubljana Castle

“Europe’s most boring castle”

Reviewed May 12, 2015

Probably one of the most uninteresting castle of Europe. The castle’s been turned into a cafe, bar, restaurant and conference venue. There are no old ruins. There is a museum inside which I’m sure is interesting but didn’t have time to find out. The views of the city from up there are mostly blocked by nature (trees).

Hm, sure it might not be the most intriguing, but there are some very interesting things to see there as well – if you take the time.

  • Ljubljana Old Town

“Nice place pity the peiple”

Reviewed September 14, 2014

Nice place to visit but pity most people do not speak English and do not try to help. Thank god we had a gps otherwise totally lost.

Most of the comments about the center of Ljubljana complain about the size, small and compact, like the rest of the city. Maybe they got lost someplace else…

“Doesn’t seem old”

Reviewed July 12, 2015

Ljubljana strikes me as a city more interested in future aspirations than past glory. I didn’t really get a sense of anything “old” here. Even the castle has shiny glass where one would expect no glass and there is a very new looking tower on top.

Yes, the city that recently celebrated its 2000th birthday looks too good to be true.

  • Triple Bridge in Ljubljana

“Not really much to see…”

Reviewed July 6, 2015

Very difficult to get any pictures of the bridge, not really a tourist attraction… its just something you’ll use at some point… its an ok bridge, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t get excited about seeing it (as my lady friend did).

An apt description of a bridge. I actually love this one.

  • Postojna Cave

“unpleasant experience”

Reviewed September 25, 2014

A group of us recently joined a group of 30+ in an afternoon to tour this place, which is supposed to be wonderful. We came away disappointed for the following facts. First, the cave is poorly illuminated and under illuminated – many places were hard to appreciate. For a large group on a narrow walkway, most people did not hear what the guide’s explanation and could not see the features that she used her flashlight to point to. One never sees the nice images in their wall posters. Second, this cave does not allow to be photographed. The guide claimed that because it is in UNESCO list, it couldn’t be photographed. I am not talking about using flash to take photo or using a tripod, just handhold no flash photo. This is simply wrong – there is no UNESCO rule that says any item on its list cannot be photographed- UNESCO wants to preserve the wonders for us to enjoy. There are three physics professors in our group – we know for sure that there is no scientific fact that says that a handhold camera without flash under available light would damage the cave stone! This no-photo rule simply says the greedy of this place. Finally, we have a female guide (I do not know the name but have a photo of her), who was simply rude. She used her flashlight to light at people’s faces when she suspected someone might be taking some no-flash photos. Certainly, the cave itself can be made into a 4 or 5 in rating (I have seen some equally good ones)…

I am definitely using this sentence about UNESCO at some point.

  • Triglav National Park 

“Stick with the Dolomites”

Reviewed June 29, 2013

There is no doubt that Triglav is beautiful: beautiful mountains and beautiful lakes. Unfortunately, if you’re driving from outside of Slovenia, you’re very likely to get stopped and fined due to a complicated toll system on the roads. (The lack of clarity definitely feels intentional and like a revenue-raising scheme.) The Italian Dolomites have similar scenery, not to mention better food, and I’d advise going there instead.

Not so very complicated, you just have to buy a vignette before entering the country. Austrian’s have been doing it longer and nobody advises tourists to stick to Paris instead of Vienna.




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