“Mum, look!” Trenta Valley with Kids

“Look, look, Mum a river, it’s green! Look sheep! Look mountains! Look,..!” Driving through the majestic Trenta Valley in Slovenia will make the kids put down their tablets and forget about anything else but the stunning views. There are steep mountains, narrow gorges, emerald green river, waterfalls and so much more.


Trenta valley is 20 km long valley located in the Triglav National Park in the NW part of Slovenia. It starts at the source of the river Soča and runs to the town of Bovec. There are three charming settlements dotted with traditional Trenta-style wooden roof houses: village Soča, village Trenta and Lepena.

Coolkidz’ favorite river: The green-blue river Soča is 136 km long and flows from Trenta valley towards the sea.


Best places to visit in Trenta valley: 

We suggest you chose one or two places to visit or perhaps find something else. Because remember scr*w plans, the goal of the visit should be to relax, explore and enjoy the surroundings.

  • The source of Soča River . Beware that the trail might not be suitable for younger kids. This is also a start of the 20 km long educational nature trail Soška pot. You don’t have to do the whole 20, rather you can pick sections that best suit you and the kids.
  • Velika korita (Great trough)- before the village of Soča. The trough is 750 meters long, 15 meters deep – best observed from the bridge.

trenta valley

  • Mala korita (Small trough) – about 100 m long, up to 6 m deep.
  • Village of Soča – named after the river, where you can visit the military cemetery from WWI and find out more about the role this region played during that war.
  • Village of Trenta – learn about cultural and ethnological heritage of the region at the Trenta Museum.
  • Zapotok – the highest waterfall in the Triglav National Park.
  • Alpinum Juliana botanical garden – Slovenia’s only Alpine botanical garden in natural surroundings. It is open from May until the end of September. Best time to visit are end of May and beginning of June.
  • Mlinarica Gorge – the highlight is the 8 metre high fall.

Don’t leave the valley without trying some of the delicious sheep cheese.


Best pitstops:

Kekčeva domačija – the place where they filmed the famous Slovenian kids movie Kekec, about a boy shepherd. Located at the source of the river Soča.

Pristava Lepena – on the plateau overlooking the valley of the Soča River. It’s a holiday village built in the old style of the region. They have horses grazing around and a natural playground for the kids.

You can spend the night at both places.

Camping Trenta in the Summer.


As you can see Trenta Valley offers plenty of activities: hiking, climbing or just walking around and enjoying the scenery. No matter what you chose to do, the visit will leave you all stunned.

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