The time has come


After a year and two months of maternity leave, on Monday morning, I will be going back to work.  It’s a scary feeling. I am both excited and terrified. No denying, it’s time for me to join the work force again and go back to proving myself on other fields as well. But on the other hand leaving my little girl is an almost unbearable thought. I just tucked her in for her afternoon nap and wondered how in two days someone else will be doing that instead of me. And I wish I could explain to her that I will not be gone for good, that every day I leave, I also come back. That work is something Mommy needs and wants to do.  I am a good Mother, but to be even better, we need some time apart. For me to miss her, them, to know that the time we have is precious and not a chore and for her to become more independent. From my first experience with Stela, I know that they learn to accept it and handle it better than I do.

But I will be facing a new challenge. Joining Mothers across the world in trying to find the perfect balance between our work and our family life. I will be attempting to answer the question is it possible to have it all and for both sides to be satisfied, while I remain sane. I love my girls immensely but I need to work. Not just because of the money, but to fulfill myself in the areas beyond motherhood. For years I had so many interests and the suddenly I was just a Mother, now again I am slowly putting up the pieces of myself into a new puzzle. A Mom with a purpose, I guess, who finds joy in her kids as well as in a world outside the boundaries of her family.

Good luck to us all on Monday.


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