The Charles Hotel Munich: The art of making families feel welcome

Even though the days when tourism considered families a necessary evil have passed and everyone is adapting to more and more families traveling, there are still certain places that make you feel more welcome. With their special kids’ program and simply astonishing ambiance, the beautiful Charles Hotel in Munich made me down right ecstatic. Because, if you help me with my kids, there is not much more you need to do, to make me happy.

It has basically everything working in its favor. While Munich has a wide variety of accommodation to chose from, not many can offer what comes naturally to this luxurious hotel, part of the stylish Rocco Forte Hotels; almost right in the city center, with the stunning views of all the major buildings, but most especially one of the most famous Munich’s landmarks – The Frauenkirche (The Cathedral of Our Dear Lady). The hotel houses the city’s longest pool and has excellent rooms, that make you feel comfortable yet pampered with all its amenities.

Munchen_balkon_panorama-EditStill what makes this hotels stand out and why we wanted to give it a try, is the fact that they have a program just for kids. They make them feel special from the moment they enter the lobby. Stela was mesmerized with the attention. The minute she walked in, they invited her to climb the stairs and stand on the small podium so she too was able to check into the room. After then she was offered to chose a toy out of a huge wooden box shaped like a treasure, which really brought a smile to her face.


While at times the hotel might feel as if it only caters to the adults, we soon discovered that they really don’t mind all the kids and I was surprised by how many we encountered.

The room we got was spacious with a nice “coming home” feeling to it and that is something they strive for throughout the hotel. Stela ran around like crazy while I unpacked. She went from playing with the toys she got, to the plush lions waiting for her on the bed. While she wasn’t looking I stole some of the cookies they had prepared for her, but she was too excited to even care. Hubby and I watched her from the comfort of our bed, which after a long drive felt like pure magic. We only wished we could stay this way forever.

So, yes there is a downside to this hotel, you really have a hard time finding the desire to go explore the city. But we managed, though I think only because we made plans with an old childhood friend of mine and I really wanted to see him.



But the second we got back, despite the fact that it was late, we spent hours in the bathroom. You’d think we didn’t have one at home, but this one actually had a bathtub long enough for hubbs to fit in and he wasn’t gonna miss on a chance to take a long soak.

My moment of pure delight however came in the morning, when around seven in the morning I tried sneaking down to the pool all alone. There is no better way to start the day than with a nice long swim. That would also be the only time I could eat breakfast later on and really indulge in it, guilt free, because of the great workout in the pool. Still Stela heard me and she wanted to tag along. She was more than excited to put on her robe and slippers and together we went. Yes, it was as awesome, as I expected it to be.


IMG_20140119_073808And yes later on, we enjoyed our breakfast for almost two hours. The lovely dinning room awaited us and we took our time savoring all, our lovely surroundings and a variety of delicious food. Of course Stela got antsy the second she finished her cereal, but that’s where the lovely smart people of this hotel come in again. They have a playroom and a babysitter and you can take your kids there to run around and play, while you get to have your perfect cup of coffee and eggs Benedict just the way you want to – in peace and quiet.

20140119_09483220140119_102843So, the only downside of this hotel, was the fact we had to leave, because trust me, I’d stay, but Munich called and oh, by the way we also had to get back home in time to face the reality.




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