Tamar Valley and Planica with Kids

Even though there are lots of great places to visit in Slovenia, we often get caught in the routine of visiting the same ones. To break it off, we headed towards Planica with kids and then we hiked to Tamar valley. The hike made easier and better because we returned on the sleds. I had forgotten how much fun can be had up there. So, visit Planica with kids for hiking, zip-lining or watching the ski jumps.

Planica with kids

Planica with kids the basics

Where is it?

It’s in northwestern part of Slovenia, almost at the border with Italy on one side and Austria on the other. To get there, you have to drive towards the ski resort of Kranjska Gora and pass it. Or not if you like skiing.

Stop at the Zelenci Springs, a nature reserve, the source of the Sava Dolinka River, just because it’s too gorgeous not to.

Soon after you leave Zelenci, you’ll see a sign to your left pointing you towards the two Alpine valleys, Planica and Tamar. Follow it until you notice ski jumping hills on the right and find a parking place.

How much is parking?

You pay 2,5 euros for the whole day.

How far from Ljubljana?

Google says there are 92 kilometers to reach Planica from Ljubljana. That can be an hour or more.

What now?

After you park, which you probably won’t be able to, if you plan on visiting Planica during the ski jumps at the end of March, you’ve got plenty of options:

Watch the ski jumps – Planica is the traditional venue for the finals of the Ski Jumping World Cup. If you plan on visiting then, plan well and good luck. It’s crowded and it may get cold and trust me you won’t be able to do anything else then.

If you visit at other times, you can:

Try the zip line – if you want to know how the ski jumpers feel, you can take a ride down the steepest zip-line in the world. I’ve been gathering my courage, I am still not there yet.

Enjoy cross country skiing – with amazing scenery. I don’t do it, but I think it doesn’t get better than this.

Or do some hiking – best and the easiest option is hiking to Tamar valley.

Let’s talk Tamar Valley then

It takes about 45 minutes to get from Planica to the hut in Tamar. 3,5 kilometers.

In the snow, like the one we faced expect more.

With whining kids, plan for well over an hour. It took us an hour and 25 minutes.

I like to sound smart, so I made 5 tips for making hiking with kids the best family activity. It’s not. But we are still trying.

The hike is easy, there’s very little uphill walking and it’s not steep at all. It’s perfect in the winter with snow covering everything from the mountains, trees to the rocks. The only problem in the summer might be lack of shade at some parts, which can easily be dealt with if you start early. We never will. And I can’t blame the kids on this one. I love to sleep. And am still making up for the lack of it when the kids were babies.

And once you get there?

You can do some more walking, there are a few more interesting sights – such as a waterfall nearby.

Or better yet let the kids play on a playground, they are suddenly full of energy again, while you rest at the hut.

When you are all up for it, grab a lunch at the hut – they serve traditional Slovenian stews. I love jota, sauerkraut and beans. The kids enjoyed ričet (meat and vegetable stew), while hubbs got a sausage and some goulash. If we were hungrier we’d definitely go for štruklji, dumplings too.

The best thing about it?

We hiked up there with our sleds and sledding back all the way to the car was definitely the highlight of the trip – something that made all the effort worth while.

There was a ton of snow up there, but I am sure it’ll have melted in the Spring. So, if you wait too long, forget the sled, you’ll just have to torture the kids some more.

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