The Charles Hotel Munich: The art of making families feel welcome

Even though the days when tourism considered families a necessary evil have passed and everyone is adapting to more and more families traveling, there are still certain places that make … Continue readingThe Charles Hotel Munich: The art of making families feel welcome

Hungarian misadventure

Last weekend we went to Hungary, despite me having a feeling something will be off with the trip. I don’t know why; either I am psychic, which I highly doubt … Continue readingHungarian misadventure

Just give me a reason…

Ok, I am addressing the elephant in the room. What elephant, I have you wondering? The traveling one, huh, what?? Well, ok, the not traveling one. It’s bugging me – … Continue readingJust give me a reason…

Mother knows best

I wanted to call this post I know best, but thought it might be a bit too presumptuous. So, I disguised myself as a Mother. Which I am. Since getting … Continue readingMother knows best

What I’ve learned from nursing

Nobody ever told me that after I’d give birth all I would do is breastfeed. And that is exactly what I did. After twelve hours of labor, as soon as … Continue readingWhat I’ve learned from nursing

Nothing’s gonna stop us

They’ve kept talking about rain for about a week now. Well, here it is. It’s been raining hard since yesterday afternoon. I don’t mind the rain. The fact is I … Continue readingNothing’s gonna stop us