“A” favorite in eat the world challenge

There’s something about American food that puts a smile on my face and it makes my mouth water. I don’t mean just burgers and fries, but ribs, pulled pork, clam … Continue reading“A” favorite in eat the world challenge

Plus-Plus toy building blocks review and giveaway

My kids love to play. I guess all kids do. And I love to play too. Playing with my kids now makes me remember just how much. We have a … Continue readingPlus-Plus toy building blocks review and giveaway

Baking the birthday cake

The second the recipe starts with separating eggs, beating stiff peaks and fluffy yolks I’m done. I run in the opposite direction. Not literally, as I am not a running … Continue readingBaking the birthday cake

The unbearable lightness of packing

“I am very hard on my bags because I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me.” Laura Linney Free time? Check. Destination? Check. Bags packed, ready to go? … Continue readingThe unbearable lightness of packing

At least you’re in Tuscany: book review

How many times did you think the grass is greener somewhere else or how often did you imagine not going back when on a vacation? Do you catch yourself imagining … Continue readingAt least you’re in Tuscany: book review

Just give me a reason…

Ok, I am addressing the elephant in the room. What elephant, I have you wondering? The traveling one, huh, what?? Well, ok, the not traveling one. It’s bugging me – … Continue readingJust give me a reason…

Our kids’ favorite toys

I don’t know how it happens, but you go from an almost empty house to a home filled with toys. It seems like it happens over night. There was nothing … Continue readingOur kids’ favorite toys