Hungarian misadventure

Last weekend we went to Hungary, despite me having a feeling something will be off with the trip. I don’t know why; either I am psychic, which I highly doubt … Continue readingHungarian misadventure

Coralcandyshop ladybug backpack – get your discount

Since becoming a Mom I started wishing I could do stuff. Like I wish I could paint, sew or glue or just perhaps be able to cut a straight line. … Continue readingCoralcandyshop ladybug backpack – get your discount

Kayak adventure and new found zest for life

Awhile back I was offered to try out the services of the site Vayable, offering tours around the world by local either professional or amateur guides. All you have to … Continue readingKayak adventure and new found zest for life

The right way to travel

I guess I am at the stage in life when I am questioning everything. What was once a given is now under serious scrutiny. I don’t wonder about who I … Continue readingThe right way to travel

Get lost in Tuscany – best places to visit

 Italy is our neighboring country, so it goes without saying, I should know much about it. But I don’t. I haven’t even started exploring it until I turned nineteen. By … Continue readingGet lost in Tuscany – best places to visit

Kota Kinabalu with Kids

My first guest blogger is Sally-Ann from  Toddlers on Tour  A great site that has tips and advice for travel with kids. They have everything from how to plan and … Continue readingKota Kinabalu with Kids

Just give me a reason…

Ok, I am addressing the elephant in the room. What elephant, I have you wondering? The traveling one, huh, what?? Well, ok, the not traveling one. It’s bugging me – … Continue readingJust give me a reason…

Deutsches Museum Munich

Let me start this off by writing down a statement. I love Munich. It’s such a nice, cool city. Aside from being full of sights and offering a wide variety … Continue readingDeutsches Museum Munich