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Mum and Kids Share: 10 Things to do in Tokyo with Kids

Tokyo with kids

‘Did you know the tickets to Tokyo are 400 Euros?’ I say to my husband on the phone. I am met with silence. ‘Are you serious, babe, Tokyo? We can’t afford Tokyo. With the two of them? I don’t know. Let’s talk about it later.’ He hangs up and I admonish myself for being silly. …

Mmmmmm. Favorite Meals Abroad.

Japanese food

Right there with secretly checking out the men, trying out new food is one of my favorite things about travel. And we all love to eat. Our family crest might as well bear baked chicken with potatoes and veggies and the motto “You shall never go hungry!” It’s only right we share with your our favorite …

15 Reasons You Should Never Take Your Kids to Japan

osaka castle

“Are you going with kids to Japan?” This was the usually the follow up question once we mentioned our travel destination. We solemnly nodded not really understanding what the big deal was. But once we arrived in Japan, that’s when we realized. This is truly a one of kind place. Did we make a mistake? …